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Representation in other Games? Legit?

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OK, so we all know the split opinion of Heresy on the topic of Proxy models (ie: Paper Waaagh!), but would it be acceptable to use the Paper Waaagh! idea (ie: Cutouts) in games such as Dark Heresy?

Such Roleplay games combat systems involve map making and remembering where things are, but Dark Heresy is

written so you can use a tactical map and 28mm miniatures whilst playing combat.
Now, the thing is, I'm not going to buy a pack of Plague Bearers for one or two encounters when I dont play Chaos or Daemons, so would it be acceptable to use the Paper Waaagh style cut outs for Roleplaying combat?

I would probably convert a 'centerpeice' model, such as 'the boss', archdaemon or massive monster, but for regular cannonfodder such as cultists and the like, I would probably 'proxy' them.

Heresy, your opinions please?
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its your game, do as you want, as long as everyone you play with is happy about it.
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