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The Night Lords were sent to retrieve the gene seed of the fallen legions, Corax discovered the last resting place of Charion, Primarch of the Sons of Hades which led him to the world of Sturmgarten, the planet of storms, home of the Primarch Adonnas and the Storm Riders. Coming into conflict with the Night Lords and the Primarch Night Haunter.

After a fight between them Corax was speared by the Night Haunters talons Mercy and Forgiveness, whilst Night Haunter lost his arm to the Ravens Claw. Meanwhile the Night Lords and Raven Guard encounter the spirits of the Storm Riders who kill the human record keeper and discover that they have been set up.

Upon return to Nostramo the Primarch Lorgar is waiting for them and to punish the Night Lords for their failure to do as the Emperor ordered, Nostramo is destroyed.

Meanwhile the Ultramarines try to hold onto Ultramar as the Emperors Children degrade more into the worship of Slaanesh and away from the Emperors perfection. With the defectors from the Emperors Children forming their own Legion The Celestial Lions, they swear to aid the Ultramarines against their former brothers...but at what cost when an unlikely alliance is formed, but is is out of revenge or another plan?

Perfections cry was written by VulkansNodasaurus.​


The Nightfall was silent, around the remains of the planet Nostramo all the Night Lord vessels had gathered and every single Night Lord had assembled in their ships great halls to hear the words of their father. It had been six weeks since the Word Bearers had destroyed their home world and their betrayal at the hands of the Emperor complete.

Not one warrior spoke, many of them had their thoughts with their dead worlds. Some still had family alive down there, ancestors who they had kept an eye on, possible future lines in their ranks to carry on their legacy. The deaths of the recruits and novitiates who would have made their mark with the Night Lords given time.

The Arbites who had been training on the violent streets of Nostramo Qunitus which would have made them the greatest law keepers of the galaxy, had the accursed daemon lovers not destroyed their world.

It was like a simmering rage that refused to die, no matter how long they lived the Night lords would remember what had been done to them. Under ordinary circumstances their ire would have been reserved for the Raven Guard, but not now, not any more, now it was reserved for the Emperor and the Word Bearers. They were a Legion alone and they alone would bring their wrath to anything the Emperor touched.

The screens that had been dark now lit up around the fleet as the pale and cold visage of the Dark King appeared on the screen.

“My sons, daughters listen to me and listen to me well. We have been betrayed, not only by the accursed weak willed Word Bearers and their coward of a father but, by the Emperor himself.”

The Primarch stood before a lectern, his silver arm, a gift from Ferrus glinted in the few lights that shone on the Primarch. His face however was shadowed, bowed as if struggling to contain his fury at what had happened. His mind stinging from the cries he had felt reach out to him as death rained upon his world, his perfect ordered world.

The betrayal he had expected, he had always expected that, but this...this was unforgivable in his eyes.

When he raised his head all that had been Konrad Curze was gone, whatever was left of him had shattered into a thousand pieces and scattered on the winds of his worlds destruction. Now and forever more he would be the Night Haunter and he would bring his vengeance to the Emperors alliance in all the full meaning of Fear.

“They have not yet seen the full wrath of the Night Lords, but they will, oh they will my beloved sons and daughters. We are all that is left of the Nostraman people and we will be their vengeance from beyond the grave. A million million souls cry out from the dust of our world and what king would I be if I did not heed their cry?”

His pale face raised so that his sons could see the full fury of his emotions. Fear radiated out from him in a giant wave. When he had woken from his medically induced coma, he had been told by Sevatarion what had happened. He had held himself in seclusion for a week or two, fighting with himself, his own inner demons finally taking control of his fractured mind, The Night Haunter had finally taken control of him. Konrad Curze truly was dead.

“Sahaal under my orders you and second company are to find a world suitable for our needs, one that, like Nostramo is night dominated and where we can rebuild. Ave Dominous Nox”

The Second Captain saluted his father and bowed his head. Swearing to find a world that would be suitable for them to colonise and control.

“First Company shall come with me, I have..plans afoot, the rest of you, start reaping the revenge due, and bring fear to the galaxy, fear and order. No longer my sons are we the extension of the Emperors Justice, he has failed us, he could not control us, so he took away that which made us, but he will learn, oh yes he will learn that what makes a Night Lord is not the aimless following of the Imperial Eagle, that which we have never worn; nor have we deigned to wear like those imbeciles of Fulgrims.

He stood straighter and folded his arms across his chest. Every man, woman and Astarte under his command, across his entire fleet moved to one knee, the humans keeping their gaze lowered less they loose their minds in the presence of a Primarch.

“Our talons shall forever be bloodied and it will drown our enemies. We have come for them”

The noise from the Night Lords seemed to echo out to the grave of their world. Those bastards would know what it meant to bring fear incarnate into their little power plays.

Sevatarion waited for his master to step down and bowed his head “I am sorry father, I should have tried to stop Lorgar”

“Yes, well that was not your fault my son, Lorgar is a Primarch, I should have not been so weak as to allow the Raven to incapacitate me. Lorgar will get his due, I promise you that, for now, have the Master take the Night Fall to Ultramar”

Sevatar arched an eyebrow “Forgive me Lord, are we throwing our lot in with the Ultramarines?”

“No, I am going to teach Fulgrim a lesson, one I should have taught him years ago, he betrayed me to the others when I thought he was my truest confidant. However, if in the course of that revenge I work with the Ultramarines, then...” Night Haunter shrugged “so be it”

“It shall be done”

The Primarch returned to his chambers, the sound of thousands of adoring voices, human and Astartes ringing in his ear.

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i know i said November but the Prologue came to me last night. This is a sequel to Perfections Cry written by VulkansNodosaurs and my own Long Forgotten Son.....amaziing what coffee, sandwich and brain on hyperdrive will do......

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Julius Kaesoron was a Captain without a Legion, an exiled Chemosian, and being away from his fathers side was like an addict without his fix. His soul, like that of his brothers rebelled at first, they needed to be with their father, but, after several weeks away from the madness that the Legion had become, if it was even a Legion any more, after what he had seen weeks ago he was not even sure if that is what they were; Even Fulgrim appeared to be loosing interest in Legion business, his own needs and desires were becoming more paramount in his eyes than his fathers wishes.

He sat watching the Ultramarines finally bring back the last of their dead, those that had been found. None of the 21st Company had survived, and whilst it might have been a drop in the ocean to a Legion as vast as the Ultramarines, here and now, on this battlefield, in this part of the Imperium Secondus, it was a blow. The Gene seed had been recovered, but would have to go into storage, until they made it back to MaCragge, if they made it back.

For some reason the Emperors Children had withdrawn from the field of battle, but the Lion of Chemos knew they would be back. They were playing with their sport. He began to wonder where it all went wrong? When did all that he had been fighting for suddenly turn on its head, brother against brother, cousin against cousin. Father against son?

The Great Crusade had taken on a new meaning, where once it sought to illuminate mankind and her scattered dominion that there was no god or gods, that man stood above such petty beliefs, now it was akin to some old Terran Jihad, a religious war of such great proportion that eventually the Emperor was going to loose his sons to the very beings he once said did not exist.

Laern, that had been the turning point for his brothers and father. Although deep down he suspected that his fathers corruption had begun before the Laern war. He rubbed his brow, that blasted music and that sword, had he known then what he knew now he would have broken the damn thing in half, but Fulgrim liked it, and the more he wore it the more he became attached to it, even more than the sword given to him by Ferrus Mannus to seal their pact of brotherhood.

He went over everything in his mind, his memory recalling everything with clarity, at first he had wanted to embrace the new path, this was what the Emperor had wanted after all, but then, with the experiments that Bile was conducting on his brothers, under Fulgrims orders, he started to have his doubts. Once he had seen what was becoming of his brothers, how their baser instincts were becoming more prevalent, it had not taken long to convince some of his other brothers to join him in an escape.

He had wanted to get Demeter and Vairosean on board, but...well his fight with the 2nd Captain had proved that he had finally embraced his fathers vision. He had not seen Vairosean but he had no doubt that with Fulgrim ordering him to take the “gifts” that Bile offered, then he too was lost.

He had decisions to make, there had to be a hierarchy to the Celestial Lions and he would address them later today. For now he expunged the bond to his father and his brothers, he could not allow this to go on, so with a heavy heart he sent his message to the Warmaster, informing him that The Celestial Lions stood ready to join him and his campaign. With that message sent his defection and betrayal was complete.

Julius Kaesoron was a First Captain with a new purpose...no not a First Captain, a Chapter Master.


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Fulgrim sat in his sanctum, now so much different to what it had been and all but a shrine to the excesses that he was beginning to enjoy. Yet now he was angry, he let the anger flow through him, he knew there were weaker elements within his sons that needed purging but the Lion of Chemos? That had been a kick in the teeth to be certain, his favoured son had left his side. Where he did not know, all he knew was that Kaesoron and four companies had left his majestic self.

How dare they do such a thing? How dare they betray the one who had given them life, how dare they take the gifts his own genes had afforded them and use it against him!


He calmed himself and poured some wine. Rising from his seat he stood before the window that afforded him a view of the planet below him. Drastic measures he suspected would have to be taken. There was an element of rot within the Emperors Children, one that he would have to clean out. He picked up his data padd and read it. Top of the list was Lucius, the newly restored 13th Captain had not been content with his punishment, and instead sought to undermine his superiors and Fulgrim himself. His time would come, and Eodolin, oh he had his eye on that one, he had got cocky, above his station and thought that he alone spoke with the authority of the Primarch in his absence.

No one spoke with Fulgrims authority unless he said they could. That had only been the former First Captain, his favoured and most beloved son. Now it fell onto Vespasians hands. Of course if he did what they had spoken about then he would soon know which of his sons favoured this god more than him. In order for the Emperors Children to reach perfection, there had to be no doubt that they saw him as Perfection, that the would do as he told them and not some warp being that had promised them everything but would deliever them nothing, not like he could.

Fulgrim had felt it for the last few weeks, a calling that spoke of godhood to him, a place among the pantheon that would rival even the god of pleasure and pain themselves. He deserved to be alongside his father in godhood, he was the perfection of his fathers gene science. He would take the Empire of the Ultramarines, he was certain of that, but in doing so he would root out the sons that would rather debase themselves than fight the perfect battles that he wanted them too.

Lorgar had warned him that he would need to do this at some point, that he would have to weed out the weak from the strong. But with all that had befallen them in the beginning he had not been prepared to take such a drastic action. An accident with his own gene seed had meant that the Emperors Children had not the greatest start life , they had to fight alongside Horus until they were up to strength, whilst that was a possibility of happening again, this time he was doing it for reasons of loyalty.

He wanted to know who he could trust and who he couldn't trust. Fulgrim wanted perfection, but he wanted it his way and no body else’s. His Legion and his Legion alone bore the Imperial Eagle, he was proud to bear it, and he had decided that not all of the Legion were worthy. He had watched what remained of the Ultramarines fleet leave the now ruined world of Carenn, and retreat back. He knew where they were heading, there was only one place they would be heading, for if he were Marius Gage it was where he would go to and indeed, it was his next course of action, once he had appointed new First.

“Calth” He rumbled “I will destroy them on Calth”

Fulgrim was still a son of the Emperor, Calth was one of the jewels in the crown of the Ultramar Empire. He knew it was where they did most of their recruiting and training for future sons of Gulliman, and he knew that if he struck a blow at Calth, one they would not recover from, then his pathway to MaCragge itself was clear.

He turned as Solomon Demeter walked in and moved to one knee. Fulgrim watched his former Second Captain, he had been told of what had happened to the vaunted Captain, he had been blessed and he had killed those in his company that had denied the path of the Legion, including his favoured Sergeant Caphen.

“You wanted to see me My Lord?”

There was something different about his voice, it seemed to be in two realms at once. Fulgrim was silent for a moment, recalling the moment he had stood side by side with Solomon looking into the Warp. Now he understood, he rested a huge gauntlet on his sons shoulder.

“Whom are you loyal too Solomon?” The Primarch quietly asked. His voice like honey over silk and he saw the intake of breath his son made with the contact and the sound of his fathers voice.

“The Phoenician above all things” Demeter replied, his head still bowed.

“Where is Vairosean? Has he truly left?”

“I do not know father, those of his company that followed him have gone too.”

“To Julius?”

“I do not know”

Fulgrim nodded and bid his son to rise “It is time Solomon, you will be my new First Captain, a position you have earnt my son, forget not what I have given you and place me above all others, together we will build a new Legion, even if it means destroying the old and like the mythical Phoenix, we will rise from the flames of destruction a new, powerful force.”

Solomon Demeter bowed his head, his hearts singing with the joy that his father had given him, he would not betray Fulgrim, Fulgrim was in his heart and his soul. Fulgrim had shown him the way to release his potential and he would never forget that.

“Good, take yourself to your Company and inform them they are now First Company and let us prepare”

“Your orders father?”

“Calth my son, we go to Calth and when you have taken the news of ascension to the Second, return to me, there are other things that we must discuss with Lord Commander Vespasian as well. I have given him the worlds we will take here so that he can build his own Empire in my name.”

Fulgrim clasped his hands behind his back. There was silence for a long while as he let the words sink into his new first.

“And when I find Julius, you my beloved Solomon will have the honour of killing him”

Solomon Demeter smiled evilly and walked out of the Phoenicians chambers.

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In one of the sparring chambers aboard the MaCragges Honour, Julius Kaesoron waited for the remnants of his trusted brothers to come in. With their own internal fighting and company genocide, he had in effect about six thousand men. Not nearly enough, but it was a start. Beside him the Regent of Ultramar stood, more as a witness and advisor, if he needed it.

Both men had been awake most the night going over who was best for what position, and despite their differences in doctrine, it had felt good that the Lion of Chemos knew that he could trust the words of the mighty Chapter Master of the Ultramarines. Mistress Tanya of the Astropathic Choir stood ready to take the name and ranks of the Celestial Lions to the Choir, which would then be sent to every member of the Renegades hierarchy. Thus it would be that they would be entered as a Chapter, loyal to the Warmaster and his forces.

Last night they had learnt the fate of Nostramo, when Mistress Tanya explained why some of the Choir had suddenly convulsed and fitted then died,or had to be euthanasised Millions of minds reaching into the Warp then snuffed out in a violent deadly blow had caused warp storms that had cut off communications for a few days.

Both Astartes wondered if Curze had finally gone mad and destroyed his own world, after debating it, both had come to the conclusion that they doubted he would have, in his warped mind it was the world of Perfect Order, he was not about to destroy what he saw as a beacon to other worlds and a benchmark to how all Imperial worlds should be run.

Marius had explained that, in the absence of his father, or any other Primarch he would oversee the founding of the Celestial Lions into the official records. He also explained that, due to the losses he had suffered, including the entire 21st Company. He had sent a request for aid to the forces of the Warmaster and asked them to rendezvous at Calth.

At first Marius had scoffed at the idea that one of the most important worlds of the Ultramarines Empire being a target, but, when Julius had said that he would have attacked it, making sure that the Ultramarines were left in a position where they were unable to rebuild for a long time, in other words he would have rendered Calth a dead world, no matter how ferocious the Army stationed there was.

Now they stood looking over the ranks of the newely painted armour of celestial blue, with the Lion of Chemos rampant on their pauldrons, the Imperial Eagle no longer on their armour. They had already sworn their oaths to protect the Imperium from any and all enemies, within and without, and to follow the tenement of the Imperial Truth.

Now all that was left to do was choose a hierarchy. Julius Kaesoron was to be the Chapter Master all the authority of a Primarch to his chapter without the royal blood in his veins. First Captain was named as Krysander, his battle experience and honours made him more than eligible to be the First, but in recognition of his actions alongside his Captain over the centuries, Davars was named as Second Company Captain. Korander became the Third Company Captain, Astarune the Fourth Company Captain, Onurry was named as the Fifth Company Captain and Sergeant Wasnus was promoted as Sixth Company Captain, the company that, when there was time, would train the future of the fledgling Chapter.

There were no cheers, or gauntlet slapping, not like there would have been in the Heliopolis at such promotions. Gage noticed the melancholy that sat over the warriors of the newely inducted Celestial Lions. They were grieving, grieving that all they had known, all they had fought for as sons of the Emperor, as Fulgrims chosen from a world full of budding chosen, was gone.

Their old brothers had gone quite insane, quite mad and perverted. Ancient Rylanor was given guardianship over the Chapter, he would be called in times of great need, and he was to be the Chaplain, the one who would hear the confessions and watch to ensure the Chapter did not fall to the decadence of their former brothers.

“Captains, appoint your sergeants and their squads, let me know by days end who is who and prepare for battle on Calth. Marius...” Julius turned to the Regent of Ultramar, “Fulgrim plans to capture the young of his conquered enemies and train them to become his future generation. Whatever happens, the young on Calth must be protected.”

“That will go without saying” Marius mused “But why not Chemos?”

“He wants to ensure they are loyal to him and him alone” Julius turned his back for a moment and lowered his voice “He is going to purge the Legion and to rebuild it, he is going to want the equivalent of your Legion or even the Warmasters. Warriors who will do what he says and what he says alone.”

“That would make sense, but why not just purge them how the others have?”

“He wants it to be in the face of war, that way he will not be seen as the one who orchastrated it.”

Gage nodded a little and made a mental note to ensure the barracks of Calth were protected, no matter the cost. He looked back out at the Celestial Lions “Well the young that we rescued from Carenn belong to you. What will you do?”

“Place them in the care of Ancient Rylanor for now. Until we find a home-world and a place to keep them safe.” Julius remarked.

“We can help with that”

“I thankyou Marius, but it is our duty to find one. Until such a time though, we stand together to face our former brothers alongside our cousins.”

Marius Gage shook the outstretched hand and lowered his own voice “and let us hope that we get aid, or this new page will be over before it has begun.”

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The Space Wolves howled in victory as the Orks lay dead around their feet. This was a battle that the Skalds would sing off for years to come, and at the head of their forces, with his two great Fenrisian Wolves by his side stood the mighty figure of their father, Leman Russ, the Wolf King, Prince of Fenris.

The Orcs had been plaguing the Eshara System for months, they had almost over run it, until the Space Wolves arrived. Suddenly this was not a case of an easy victory for the orcs, but a bloody battle, the Wolves that had died were already being taken back to their ships, their gene seed harvested, their bodies to be given back to Mother Fenris. The blood of Astarte and Orc littered the ground making it a swamp of red and green blood, that had merged into a sticky slick full of brains, intestines and other body parts.

The Wolves howled louder as their beloved father held high the Warrrrgh boss's head, looked at it for a moment then tossed it aside. The Liberation of Kasan XXI was complete. He left the Imperial Army’s command to deal with the populace, to assure them that all was now well and he ordered that 9th and 15th Companies remain to ensure that the Orks did not return,

When he returned to the Hrafnkel he was met by the master of Astopaths Tobias Echela who bowed low and had to almost quicken his steps just to keep up with the giant Primarch. “My lord, we have picked up … excuse me...a request from Chapter Master Marius Gage of the Ultramarines”

Russ stopped walking and looked down at the human. He was tall for a human but still only came upto his thigh. He was the master of the Astropathic choir and deserved the Primarchs attention. Russ waited for him to catch his breath, his two wolves straining to move where they could rest. He handed them to Bjorn the Fell-handed and stood waiting, his eyebrow arched.

“The Emperors Children have attacked the outer sphere of Ultramar. Chapter Master Gage along with defectors from the Emperors Children calling themselves the Celestial Lions, are falling back to Calth to defend their barracks and the gateway to MaCragge. The Chapter Master is calling for aid”

Russ nodded once and headed for the bridge “I will not ignore a call from my brothers noble legion, send a message back to the Chapter Master with my respects. Tell him that the Rout is on the way.”

“Yes My Lord”

“Brann” The Captain of the 7th Company turned and bowed his head “Head to the bridge, tell the Master to make speed to Calth, and have the others follow us, we are going to hunt Fulgrim” The Primarch added a growl to his voice and his teeth showed.

“By your command father”

Russ clenched his fists as he made his way to his sanctum. He had scores to settle with Angron but now, now he was going to deal with Fulgrim and for the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines to ask for aid, then things were dire indeed.

“Calth father?” Bjorn fell into step next to him, the two wolves walking ahead.

“You heard that then?” Bjorn nodded “It would seem that the Emperors Children are after Ultramar, and they need the Wolves to save them from big bad monsters”

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He sat quietly watching the warp travel by. Every now and then he would feel something bump against the hull, but he had every confidence that whatever was trying to get in at the humans who aided in the running of his ship, wouldn't.

He was not sure if he would even be heard, or granted an audience, but something like this could not be given to another. He had to take the news to his grandfather himself. Of course there was no guarantee that he would be listened too. Somehow he did not believe that the Emperor would ever see Fulgrim as betraying him.

Once upon a time that would have been true. Fulgrim lived for his father, he desperately wanted to emulate his father in all things, that strive for perfection that always seemed out of reach. As perfect as Fulgrim was, he would never reach his fathers state of perfection.

No one ever could.

No one ever should.

Marius Vairosean was lost. He had seen the slow corruption that had taken hold of his best friend and he could only now imagine what tortures Solomon was going through, if any. One moment he was unsure and hating the changes in the Legion, the next, after spending time with their father he said he was at peace with it.

And Julius, his other friend, what would drive Julius and five companies to betray the Primarch? But not just the Primarch, the Emperor too. Kaesoron was betraying the Emperor. Vairosean had seen where the shuttle that took the former First Captain to the surface was heading, he had landed in the Ultramarines battle lines.

He moved his gaze from the warp and her shimmering colours to the crew listing that was on his desk. Three quarters of Third Company had come with him, the others had stayed with the Primarch. He hoped that he would be allowed to continue to serve his grandfather, He got up and looked at his armour.

He was not sure he could wear these colours any more, they would serve as a reminder to how far from the righteous path his brothers had fallen. Once he had seen the Emperor there would be no going back. He turned as Sergeant Terogil cleared his throat, he wore his robes, as all of the remaining members of the third had done, awaiting their Commanders order.

“Your orders Captain?”

Vairosean picked up his armour pain and began to change the colours of his armour “We are no longer Emperors Children” His voice cracked a little, he recovered quickly “We are the Emperors vengeance, we shall be known as the Emperors Blades”

“As you command Lord”

The former Third Captain of the Emperors Children said no more.

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Excellent start and I'm really looking forward to the SWs and ECs going toe to toe... although concerned about which 'unlikely ally' will spell doom for which 'legion'. Although killing a well developed character, be it an individual, group, or even legion is a good way to keep the thrill of the plot going.

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i had thought about this one then Vulkans asked if someone wouldn't mind writing a sequesl to Perfections Cry so i offered and this is the sequel to Perfections Cry and Forgotten Sons...yeah i already know who it is which is unusual for me cause i never really know until i am at least halfway through

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The Nightfall translated into the Ultramar system but stayed out of the reach of sensors. In his stratagem, alongside his beloved First Captain and other members of his inner circle, his favoured Sergeant Mikhail Trueze with them as tactical advisor, he looked at the destruction that had been wrought across the cluster of worlds known as the outer sphere.

“Reports we have intercepted have marked a change in the Emperors Children” Sheng cleared his throat “They are also calling for the head of the First Captain himself”

Sevatar glanced up “You think the Lion has defected?”

“From what we intercepted, he has done that with five other companies, although I doubt they are full companies” Sheng replied.

“Mikhail” Curze turned to his Sargent, a man he had almost raised as his son when he was still hunting the crime lords and politicians back on Nostramo “Take your squad down to Carenn and investigate for me, if there are any survivors ask for details. If there are any Emperors Children, bring them here for.....questioning.”

“By your command father” Trueze bowed his head.

“Permission to accompany Squad Trueze” Captain Uvensa, newly promoted to 3rd Company's Captaincy at the recommendation of the Prince of Crows himself.


“I worked with the Emperors Children several decades ago My Liege, I know how they work and I might be of some aid to the Veteran Sergeant.”

Curze thought for a moment, Uvensa was a Nostraman, pale skinned, dark haired and albino eyed. He had a good battle record, but he was also a thinker, and Sevatarion liked the way the Captain thought things through, almost as if he could envision what was happening and work it out like he was a Nostraman Justicar working a crime scene. He looked for the evidence to coincide with his conclusions and he never stopped until he found what he was looking for, then and only then did he act.

So when Jago had come to him with his recommendation to replace Acerbus, Curze had agreed completely. For what he had planned, he needed those of his sons who could think like warriors as well as act like warriors and not just random violence. The Night Lords were all about fear but sometimes, one needed to use fear only in emergencies, sometimes they had to survey their hunting ground before they brought the justice of the Night Haunter to worlds that had none.

The Primarch dismissed the Kryoptera and the First Captain trotted up to where Mikhail was about to head to his squad.

“Mikhail, a moment”

“My Lord?” The Veteran Sergeant turned and bowed his head at the First Captains approach.

“Mikhail, you and I both hold an intimate knowledge of the Primarch.” Sevatar moved Mikhail into another room and shut the door “Speak plain my friend, how do you see him?”

Mikhail was silent for what seemed like ages, gathering his thoughts. His Squad had been part of 5th Company, but some time ago Curze had ordered that Squad Trueze be his and Sevatars own squad, command changed and Squad Trueze answered only to the Prince of Crows and the Dark King. In effect making them the most powerful six man squad in the Legion.

Over time a deep friendship had developed between the First Captain and the sombre dark haired Sergeant. So when Trueze spoke, Jago listened as he knew it was truth and not just what he wanted to hear.

“He is angry, more angry than I remember ever seeing him. He thought the Emperor curse his name had finally accepted him for what he was. Giving him position of authority as creator of the Arbites. But now...now he wants more than revenge; my fear Jago, is that the Night Haunter is the one in command now.”

Sevatar nodded and rubbed his jaw “I was thinking the same.” he rested a hand on the Sergeants shoulder “Look after the 3rd Captain and take care of yourselves down there, we have suffered enough grief the last few weeks, if the Primarch was to loose one he sees as his own son, then I dare not want to think what madness would be unleashed.”

“Same goes to you Jago, we are both close to the Primarch, for he knows we will never lead him false, but there are those, like Sahaal, who covert the First Captaincy.”

Sevatar let a dry smile cross his face “I know, as does the Primarch. Ave Dominous Nox”

“The Emperors Children will know, that we have come for them” Trueze bowed his head and left the First Captain to his thoughts.

Carenn was no longer the beautiful world it had been. As the Night Lords made their way through the war damaged streets, they saw bodies left in the streets where they fell, Ultramarine dead lay with Emperors Children dead as well as civilians. Battle Brother Senyena knelt beside a dead Emperors Child, his helm told him that this was Battle Brother Escanas, 19th Company.

It didn't bother him that the Astartes was dead, what bothered him was what had been done to him. Calling over the Squads Apothecary Resik he waited until the Astarte had finished analysing the body, then called the Captain and Sergeant over. He pointed at the bodies, drawing attention to the Emperors Child.

“What in the name of night happened to him?” Uvensa wondered, his voice sounding harsher than it was through his helm grill.

“I would have to conduct a full autopsy Brother Captain” Resik got to his feet “But from what I have seen, he has had alterations done to his gene seed that have resulted in the spinal growths from his mouth and the lizard like neck sheath.”

“Who would do such a thing?” Uvensa scowled, sickened by the abomination before him.

Of course he had heard rumours that some of the other Emperors Legions had gravitated towards various aspects of the warp beings. But this....this was something else entirely, this was breaking even the betrayer Emperors laws.

“I had heard that Fabius Bile was trying to unlock the secrets to the gene coding of the Primarch” Resik shook his head and stepped away from the body “I met him a few times, he was obsessed with unlocking the Emperors secrets and the secrets of a Primarchs creation”

“Do you think he has found it?” Trueze asked staring in disgust at the dead Escanas.

He did have spines coming from his mouth, and his neck was indeed like a lizards sheath, there were scales alongside his neck and throat. As the Sergeants gaze moved over the dead, stinking corpse, he saw that the hands were changing too, or had been changing into lizard hands. It looked like he had ripped out the throat of the Ultramarine who was identified as Battle Brother Instansius of the 21st Company. That might not have killed him but the tearing at the chest and what remained of his hearts certainly did.

“I will not know unless I have your permission to take the body back to the Nightfall and run tests.”

Uvensa glanced at the Sergeant, “I think that would be a good idea Trueze, the Primarch will want to know what has been going on.”

“Yes Captain, he will. Very well Jastan, arrange for the body to be taken back to the Nightfall, but give us your opinion, even if it is a guess.”

“Then yes, I think Bile has found a way to subvert the Astarte gene-seed.”

“Are you sure that it was him? Could it not have been meddling with the creatures of the warp?” The Captain asked.

“I am certain Brother Captain, every Apothecary in the Legions Astartes all know what drives Fabius Bile and how he subverts medical science to get what he want. Yes we are warriors and fight alongside our brothers on the field, but we are also medics and such things as trying to unlock the gene-coded secrets of the Primarchs, or changing how the Astartes gene-seed works is against all we have avowed.”

Uvensa nodded and motioned with his head “Move on”

The Squad moved past the bodies, Resik arranging a pick up of the Emperors Childs body. He ignored the dead Ultramarine, let the sons of Gulliman collect their own dead. They headed towards the main centre of the city and it was here that the destruction was truly noticeable. A dog barked in the distance, followed by a whining bark, looking for a master or mistress that would never answer, it would either starve or go feral.

It surprised Trueze, Gulliman never liked hive worlds. They were ugly he had said, a breeding centre for all manners of criminals and under-hive vermin, like he would know, he should have spent his childhood on Nostramo, he would have known then what under-hive vermin and criminals were like.

Thinking of his dead home world made his heart ache, like all his brothers, the death of Nostramo had cut a piece away from themselves. Something that could never be retrieved. He, like his father and his brothers no longer cared what the Emperor wanted, this was revenge and it would be done the way that the Night Lords always did. With great pain and trauma to those concerned.

He cared little for the dead Ultramarines, they had always been held up as a Legion to be lauded, so perfect in their construction and doctrine. Everything was strict on how they did things and they had been one of the Emperors favourite Legions. As much as he disliked the sons of Gulliman, he detested the Emperors Children more.

More so when Fulgrim tricked their father into revealing his then secret, about his debilitating precognition, Curze had trusted Fulgrim at that point, but when the Phoenician then went and told the other Primarchs it all changed. Trueze had seen the hurt his father felt, even if he did not show it. Those belladonnas thought they were something special as they and they were alone were allowed to bear the Imperial Eagle on their chests.

Trueze stopped as something dropped onto his boots. Then again, looking closer he realised it was blood and looking up even he stepped back. Hanging above him, three spikes of a ruined buildings flooring erupting through his chest, neck and groin was the dead body of Erikon Gaius 21st Company Captain of the Second Chapter of the XIII Legion Astartes.

For the moment words failed him, the expression on the dead Captains face would remain with him for the rest of his life.

++Take him down++ He ordered and for the first time, he began to wonder just what the Emperors Children were becoming

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The Pride Of The Emperor had changed more than when he had last noticed, not that Lucius took much notice of what went on around him nowadays. He heard the screams of the Rememberancers, some of them had embraced the new patron of Fulgrims sons and were fulfilling their every desire and perversion, other screams were not so pleasure filled. As he passed the sparring chambers of the 21st he saw Ruen with one of the young boys they had taken from Carenn. Judging by the dead bodies that littered the floor Ruen had got fed up with torturing Rememberancers and was now staring on children.

It gave Lucius a thrill, the innocence of youth, untainted, untouched, but then quick as a flash he recalled the Phoenicians orders, the young were not to be harmed, they were the future of the Legion.

“RUEN!” He barked.

The Captain on the 21st either didn't hear him above the wailing or ignored him, Lucius thought it was more the latter, and whilst he did not want to interrupt Ruens game, he had just got his Captains laurels back, he had no intentions of being cast into such lowly ranks again. Marching the distance between the door and the other Captain in the time it took a human to unzip their fly and go to the bathroom, Lucius grabbed the terrified child, calling for his own Sergeant Enchaseon, he told him to take all the boys back to their quarters and post a guard so that they remained unharmed.

“You dare!” Ruen got up, his half naked body glistening with sweat and the heady smell of intoxication by killing surrounded him like an aura.

Lucius took a long look at his fellow Captain. He hadn't just killed the Rememberancers, he had skinned them, beside his feet were the skins of the half a dozen Rememberancers he had butchered.


Lucius let the leer of contempt cross his face, he tired of killing humans, it was no real sport, but to kill another Astartes, well that had given him a jolt that no drug would ever compare to. It didn't matter to Lucius if it was one of Horus's dogs or his own brothers.

“I dare Ruen” Lucius calmly said “The Primarch said all children to be left alone. He wants the boys to be the future and the girls are to become some sort of sisterhood warrior caste, like the Word Bearers have” Lucius arched an eyebrow “Stop or not it is your choice...but it will be more fun if you say not”

Ruen ran his cold hard gaze over Lucius. He had been handsome once, now deep cuts criss crossed his face and body, not to mention the broken nose that Garvial Loken had given him once. Lucius had been so vain, now though his vanity had shown in his swordplay. Second only to the Primarch he had no equal amongst the battle captains and brothers. Even Eodolin had sparred with Lucius and lost.

“Tell me Lucius, do you agree with the Primarchs new direction? Or do you believe our way forward is the path of pleasure and pain?” Ruen stepped back and sat down, picking up a blood soaked piece of back skin he studied it. Closing his eyes as the stench of death revitalised the death scenes that had played around him that afternoon.

Lucius didn't answer, seeing how some more, ambitious brothers would do anything to advance themselves. Indeed being Captain of the 21st was an honour, being Captain of the 13th was a step closer to the higher ranks.

Saul Tarvitz was dead, it meant nothing to Lucius, it meant nothing to him that he had killed his only close friend, and he was not stupid enough to trust Ruen with anything. Ruen was ambitious, there was no secret about that, but if he was after Lucius position then he had made a mistake.

“What are you getting at?”

“You know he has named Solomon Demeter as the new First Captain don't you?”

“So? It is his right and Demeter was next in line” Lucius answered guardedly.

It was true, Lucius had sneered at the news that the “Up the Centre” Idiot was now the First Captain. But a change had come over Demeter, he was different and power radiated off him like a moth to a flame. The gods of war had a new champion and suddenly Lucius was not so certain that Demeter was the idiot he had taken him for.

“But Demeter? Vairosean would have made a better First Captain,” Ruen sat forward “The Primarch is misguided and he needs to be shown the error of his judgement”

“Shut you mouth fool” Lucius hissed

“No one can hear me Lucius, we are alone”

“You are never alone on this ship, not any more and I will not be associated with your schemes”

Ruen laughed, it was a long ugly sound “Lucius you are the biggest schemer of us all, you know I am right, you know that Fulgrim will not fully embrace She who must be obeyed”

Lucius raised his hands and walked out the room “talk yourself into censure if you want, I am not listening to this. If you want to end up like Verona then carry on”

Lucius left the chambers and continued with his walk, unaware that the entire conversation had been heard, Sergeant Harx, one of the lower Sergeants of Ruens ranks, but this...this would put him up where he belonged. With a stone face he made his way towards the Phoenicians chambers.

Fulgrim listened as Harx told him what he had overheard. Although his outward look was benevolent, a father patiently listening to a loyal son, inside he was seething.

So Ruen wants to move against me does he? Well lets see how deep this goes. He thought to himself. He dismissed the Sergeant and told him to let him know if his Captain had other ideas along this line he was talking.

He glanced over his shoulder once the Sergeant had left to see Demeter and Vespasian step from the shadows. They had heard everything. He pored some wine and handed them both one. Lately Eodolin had been left out of these private meetings. Fulgrim did not trust his former friend, not like he trusted these two.

Proud, strong Solomon Demeter whom he had shown the wonders of what lay beyond and had unleashed a skill that had long since been dormant within him, who had a piece of his heart in Slannesh's hands but not enough to overcome his love for his father.

Wise loyal and trustworthy utterly perfect in the way that he prosecuted a theatre of war Vespasian had become a close confidant of the Primarch. Privy to his inner most thoughts and emotions. He had stood beside his father and agreed that in order to build anew, they must first destroy. Like his father, he keenly felt the betrayal of both Kaesoron and Vairosean, not as deeply as his father maybe but he still felt it.

“So Ruen is making a play for power” Solomon allowed himself a sly smile “He always was ambitious My Liege”

“Oh I applaud ambition as you well know” Fulgrim stood before one of Serena D'Angelus's last paintings, before she went insane. He looked it for a moment, then moved onto the one Picture he had kept of his brother Horus. A wonderfully taken pic of the Lunar Wolves taking their Oath of Moment from their father. The Mournival. He had thought about putting it away, but such was the calibre of skill and art this Keeler woman had shown, well pics like that did not come along very often and Euphrati Keeler was indeed an artist.

“This is how I want things to be” He motioned to the pic with his goblet “My sons kneeling before me, utterly convinced in their love for me and no other. Horus's sons have a depth of loyalty to him that shames other legions and, at the moment shames me, for my legion is one of snakes and daggers.”

Demeter sipped his wine and looked into the red liquid “What is your will father?”

“You know that Ruen is planning something and, with what I have told Harx, then we are one step ahead of him I am wary of Lucius, he has begun to the favour of the Dark Prince and that is disturbing to say the least.”

“There are those who will follow Lucius” Vespasian warned”With his ritual scarring and his charisma he will be a strong leader.”

“Yes, and if he was not so damn arrogant than.....” Fulgrim shook his head his temper was already frayed, as the depth of some of his companies ambitions only now came to light in his mind. “Do we know which Companies are totally loyal to me and pay Slaanesh lip service?”

“The majority of the Emperors Children are loyal to you father. However the exceptions are the 21st, the 13th, the 43rd and the 57th Companies” Vespasian set his goblet down “They have been observed to be more likely to either listen to their captains or kill them and advance themselves, but the way things stand, the totals may rise.”

“I will not have a Legion of power seekers!”
Fulgrim roared “This is
legion, MY Genes flow through each and every one of their veins and this is how those dogs repay me? By placing this god or goddess above me.” He paced his chambers like a caged tiger, “I will see it purged to bring about its perfection.” he stopped pacing and calmed himself “Have Ruen....no second thoughts call a meeting of the brotherhood” Fulgrim allowed a grim smile to cross his lips “I will humiliate Ruen for what he tried to do”

“And Eidolin?” Vespasian asked “He is becoming a little put out that he does not attend you”

“Leave that to me”

Fulgrim turned with a flourish, his magnificent cape swirling around him, he picked up the sword that had been crafted for him by his brother Ferrus. It had been too long since he last wielded this magnificent weapon. Fireblade had been gifted to him by his closest brother, one whom he was proud to call such.

Ferrus had given him Fireblade in honour of a duel that neither Primarch won, such was the skill of the weapons they had crafted, in return Fulgrim had given Ferrus Forgebreaker, a great hammer that Ferrus still carried with him. Fulgrim dismissed Demeter and Vespasian and once more returned to looking at the stars outside his window.

He missed Ferrus, deeply, perhaps when he had finished what he had to do here, he would go to Mars and see how his brother was doing, the Lord of Mars himself, Ferrus had done well as had his Iron Hands, although if some of the rumours were true, than Ferrus had changed, having to cull a third of his Legion not to mention his beloved son Gabriel Santor had, taken its toll on the Primarch. It mattered not, Fulgrim would be there to listen and offer advice if needed. Ferrus was not as handsome as Fulgrim, not by any stretch of the imagination, but his skill and his personality is what made Fulgrim love him more. Yes when he had dealt with this blasted so called perfect empire and the elements in his Legion that needed to be dealt with, he would go to Mars and see his brother.

Perhaps in the company of a brutal honest Primarch, Fulgrim would find what it was he felt he was loosing.


Squad Trueze made their way through the ruins of the City, Uvensa was surveying the scene with a practised eye. There was no perfect war here, this had been a brawl. The Ultramarines had tried to persecute the battle as they knew how but, judging by the bodies laying around, they had not been able to. It had turned into a brawl.

He looked around him as Battle Brother Perod joined his side “Captain something bothering you?”

“Hmm, The Emperors Children, almost like the Ultramarines in how they persecute a battle, perfection through battle is one of the goals they want to attain, damn Fulgrim is known for meticulous planning, enough to rival the Ultimate Warrior and the Lion themselves.”

“Well looking at this carnage sir, I wouldn't believe it”

“That’s just it Enor this is not how the battle should have been. This, this looks like the aftermath of one of Angrons rampages” Uvensa shook his head “its almost as if the Ultramarines were unable to cope with what was coming at them, it defied all they knew about warfare.”

“With all due respect Sir, I for one am glad to see the mighty Ultramarine brought so low, still” Perod looked around him “This is overkill by even the Phoenicians standards”

The Captain said nothing, as a Night Lord he did not care much for the other legions, however as a warrior, he respected the Ultramarines and the Emperors Children. They carried on and found the bodies of the populace and those of the government that had not escaped the carnage.

Trueze hissed in disgust at the positions some of the bodies were arranged, almost like some offering to a god and all in a perversion of art. He was no artist and he had no love for the finer things in life, but he was not ignorant, whomever had done this, had arranged the bodies in all manners of positions from the sexual to the debauched.

There were corpses with limbs shoved inside another, there was a woman who was arranged to look like a prostitute, he had seen his fair share of them on Nostramo, even the coming of the Night Haunter had not stopped their trade, they had just taken it underground. It was the oldest profession in the universe and as a young teenager he had spent time in their company, some of them had been riddled with diseases, others had been hyped up on drugs. He was no virgin, he had experience women before he became a fully grown man and then before he became an Astartes, but even this was way over the top for what he had done and been part off.

++Reminds me of Madam Genars place++ Brother Ausun joined his Sergeants side “++She fed us, gave us a bed for the night, and for running errands we got a girl, remember Mikhail?++

He nodded. Most of the Legion were aware that as a boy he would aid the Night Haunter, the man that had saved him from an abusive mother and father and had taken him to a place of safety and shelter. When the Night Haunter had retreated to his lair for rest and planning, Mikhail would be his eyes and his ears and, when he was ready, his right arm.

There were times that he could not accompany the Night Haunter, and these days he spent with his friends so yes, he recalled the kindly madam of the known whore house. But it had been nothing like this, the women were inventive but this...nothing like this.

++This was nothing like her house, she kept a clean establishment++ Trueze rumbled ++No human can possibly do these things, no matter how...flexible they might be. This is a warning, we are not alone here Taros, have everyone be on alert, watch for anything or anyone. I doubt there are many humans here++

++As you order Brother++

++Brother Captain, a moment my lord, you may wish to see this++ Trueze voxed the Captain and waited.

When Uvensa came over he didn't bother to hide his disgust. He too was no stranger to women, most Night Lords were not before they became Astartes and above such emotions and failings. He walked around the scene, this was like some sick art that had been lost to time. Blood and Shit caked in equal measure,

Suddenly out of nowhere a squad of Emperors Children identified as Squad Tarson 37th Company appeared out of the shadows. But they weren't any Emperors Children the Night Lords had seen before.

Their mouths were distorted to the point of anything remotely human, a couple of them had shaved their heads and had intricate tattoos that hurt even Trueze's eyes to look at. Two other had developed a feminine body on one half of their own. One, identified as Battle Brother Ingas had an elongated neck and nails and walked with a famine gait.

“Cousins of the noble Night Lords” Tarson sounded bored and was smoking something particularly pungent “have you come to join us in our hunt.”

“Abominations” Brother Garak hissed and readied his bolter. The Captain raised his hands, wanting to keep tempers in check and remembering that their father wanted one alive. It didn't matter who but one of them had to be kept alive.

“Are you Emperors Children so fallen from grace that you cast aside all that you are including humanity and respect for a Captain” Uvensa snarled.

“Not my Captain” Tarsons voice was as distorted as his appearance.

Trueze stepped forward and reversing the grip of his chainsword he brought it down on the back of the fellow Sergeants back forcing him to his knees. The other members of the Squad began to laugh, they were not bothered by their Sergeants humiliation they found it hilarious.

“You will show my Brother Captain Respect Dog” He snarled, his brothers eyeing their Cousins with disgust and contempt.

Tarson raised his head and looked at Trueze..”Ah the one they call the Justicar, The Night Haunters personal whipping boy...tell me cousin, do you service your father in other ways”

Trueze raised his fist and was about to pummel his opposite number into next week when his captain stepped between them and shook his head. “This will be dealt with later Mikhail. What happened here?”

“We trod on the Ultramarines toes is what happened” Brother or maybe sister would have been a better word. Ignaria cooed “We taught them that their way is flawed, as is yours”

“Oh yes” His twin brother Lamar agreed “Midnight Clad and all that, what’s that supposed to mean anyway? But then what would one expect from the savages of Nostramo”

Garak, incensed at the insult to his Sergeant, annoyed at the Captains interference and unable to suffer any more of these twisted perversions, fired his bolter, hitting Lamar in the cheat. The Night Lord could only stare as Lamar let out a sigh that sounded more like pleasure than pain. He stared at the hole where the shell had pierced him and cocked his head.

“That was mildly exciting, my turn,” He opened his vocal chords and all the Night Lords backed away as their audio senses were disrupted by a scream that threatened to blow their eardrums apart. Garak sank to his knees and let a roar of pain go, Astartes felt no fear, they felt little pain, their bodies would compensate instantly, but Garaks body did not have the chance,

Lamar focused his sonic scream on the brother, before the other Night Lords horrified eyes, Garaks body shuddered, then his head exploded in a welter of brain and bone. Lamar took a deep intake of breath as the Night Lord died “Exquisite” he sighed.

With a roar the remaining Night Lords opened fire. Trueze moved his chainblades around as if they were an extension of himself. He decapitated Lamar on the back stroke and Ignaria lost his arm on the return stroke.

The Night Lords were not about to loose another brother to this madness but, before they could reload Tarson rammed his lightning sword through Asuns stomach and ripped up cutting the Night Lord in half.

Uvensa grabbed the laughing sergeant and slammed him into the far wall, he kept banging Tarsons head incensed by the pleads of more please more from the degenerates mouth and was grateful when he finally shut up and faded into oblivion.

By the time the fire fight was over three Emperors Children were dead, three were wounded. Two Night Lords were dead and two were injured. But it was obvious that the Emperors Children had taken the same road as the Word Bearers, they made plots with Daemons and they would die.

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Not only was she a verdant agri-world, feeding the Astartes of the Ultramarines, but neighbouring planets too. A jewel in the crown of Gullimans empire, many recruits came from Calth and there was also the Imperial Army regiments that Calth raised to fight alongside their brothers in the Astartes. It had been hoped that by the the end of the Crusade a great space port would be constructed as well as an sub-orbital ring, putting Calth on a par with Konnor, Iax Occuldo, Saramanth and MaCragge itself.

Now however it was the planet that would hold against the approaching Emperors Children, Gage was adamant that not one Emperors Child would proceed onto the world of MaCragge. He turned to The Celestial Lions Chapter Master and brought a holomap up. They both studied it and Kaesoron opted for guarding the space port.

He knew that some of his brothers would make for the port, destabilise it and take it for themselves. Gage nodded, it made sense. They had a few days yet. Five maybe but no more than that. For the moment he thanks Fulgrims vanity.

He had called his senior captains, all still mourning the loss of the entire 21st and Erikon Gaius. The Chapter Master had vowed that once Fulgrims perverted sons had been kicked back into the warp. He would recover every Ultramarine that had fallen in the failed defence of the Outer Sphere.

Gage had no doubt that the Vespid would make a claim on the planets of the Outer Sphere once more, and when this was over he would have to see about preventing that, right now, Calth was important.

With the Companies he had at his disposal and the Imperial Army units, a couple of Titans and the entire Calth PDF he would have to run theatricals, spend his time ensuring that he had every area and possible scenario worked out in his head, he had played this strategy game with the Primarch, they would stand around his holoboard and run simulated scenarios, there had been something like this done before, Roboute however, had been certain it would have been his brothers Lorgar or Horus that had turned traitor. Not his own father.

The simulations had been run with the Word Bearers, Sons of Horus and a few others. But this was slightly different. He could recall with perfect clarity the tactics used but, as was proved on Carenn, tactics were no good when facing against a Legion that had thrown all sensibilities out the window. Even now he heard that some of the Imperial Army that had been rescued from Carenn were so traumatised by what they had seen, it was doubtful they would ever recover.

He wasn't sure if what he had seen was correct or just some mass hallucination brought on by hysteria. He shook his head, no Astartes did not get mass hysteria, and his eyes had seen true. He ran a gauntlet hand down his face, he had not shaved since leaving Carenn and the stubble had now formed a rough unkempt beard.

Since Nikea had gone out of the window and those brothers with psychic powers were allowed to serve as they should do, he had that back in his ball court. The Ultimate Warrior had agreed with Horus and the others on that. When Angron had broken Magnus's back, and Lorgar had started using his Librarians then they too should allow their sons to use what had been given them. It was to still be moderated and they were watched by the Chaplains of the Legions, but, after what he had seen what had become of the Emperors Children, then he would need the Ultramarine Psykers.

He was waiting for them now, on the journey from Carenn to Calth he had ordered that all Librarians had to undergo strict testing and training once more. They had served for decades as battle brothers and now...now they had to reopen that which they had closed off. The Chaplains had been present and ensured that any problems were dealt with accordingly.

He had been relieved to discover that apart from serious migraines there had been no sign of taint. Their souls were hardened and guarded against the depravity of the Emperors Children, but even Marius knew that sometimes that was not enough and he hoped that whatever chants or protections they used would keep them from the temptations of whatever lived in the warp.

He walked outside to see the Celestial Lions going over their war gear. He felt sorrow for them, but pride, pride that the famous Lion of Chemos himself had seen the error of his fathers ways, that he had accepted, no matter how hard it had been to reconcile the truth with what his heart was telling him, that this was the way to do things.

They had managed to retrieve some of the gene seed from their fallen brothers, and for now it was being held in storage aboard the MaCragges Honour He felt humbled as he saw Ancient Rylanor towering over his brothers. He had read about Rylanor, even Gulliman had held him as an example of a mighty warrior and true to his path. It was said that you could not lie to the ancient, for he would sense a lie or a deception as soon as it was spoken. Whatever the mystic surrounding him, he was an honoured brother and venerated by the Celestial Lions as an example of what their Legion had been once.

He looked to the heavens then stopped, every Astarte in the Forward Operations stopped, without rhyme or reason they all moved to one knee. Some of the humans that were attending their Astarte masters began to weep, silence at first, then over the rise came the sound of howls and singing in the harsh tongue of Fenris.

But that wasn't what had made them fall to one knee or weep, The giant that stood at the head of his army looked down upon the gathered defenders and then made his way forwards until he was standing before the kneeling Chapter Master.

“Rise Chapter Master, all of you, honour has been received and respect given. We have come to aid you”

Marius Gage looked up into the strong wolf like features of the Wolf King and almost wept for joy. His hails had been answered and what an answer.

“Welcome to Calth, my Lord” He bowed his head. “I am honoured you answered my call for aid”

“How could I not Marius. Now I want to know all that has happened and where is the Lion of Chemos? I should hear it from his lips”

“I am here My Lord” Kaesoron joined the Chapter Masters side and bowed low.

With a nod the Primarch ordered Bjorn and Freya to accompany him and they followed the other two Astartes. Russ paused and took a look around him, as if sensing something that no one else could, he frowned a little then moved into the Command room.


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The Eidolon translated into the Sol System and made its final approach to Terra, it was still not smooth sailing, every part of Terra's home system had defences that, should the wrong codes be sent, would blow you out of the airspace before you had a moment to breathe.

Vairosean watched the approach carefully. They had passed the Black Templars patrolling the outer reaches of the system, and after a few hours they had began to approach Mars. How much the red planet had changed, its dockyards were nothing different, but the vessels that surrounded it caught his attention. Every single Mechanicum vessel now not only bore the Skull encased in a cog motif, but the Iron Hand motif was placed almost as if it had merged into the skull, the Mechanicum, now in effect belonged to Ferrus Mannus.

In attendance and dwarfing every vessel that buzzed around the red planet was the mighty flagship the Fist of Iron standing stalwart and reminding every vessel that came close the mother of all forge worlds that, should they refuse to adhere to the rules of The Gorgon and his sons, then they would never approach Mars, nor would they approach any other planet ever again. The Iron Hands reminded Marius of the Iron Warriors, both had more of an affinity to the Mechanicum then any other of the Legions. The difference being, that whereas the Sons of Perturabo did not feel revulsion at their human flesh and considered a merging between flesh and cybernetics a harmonious bonding, the Iron Hands felt their flesh made them weak. Indeed from what little he knew about their rituals and traditions, their Neophytes had their left hands removed and replaced with a cybernetic.

None understood the Iron Hands or their Primarch better than his own father, and for a moment he thought about diverting to Mars to speak with the mighty father of the Iron Hands, but dismissed it quickly. To do so would have put him in danger, The Gorgon allowed none to speak ill of his favoured brother and he certainly would not allow a Captain, even one as vaunted as the 3rd Captain blaspheme against his brother.

He rubbed his brow as the approach to Terra began and caught site of his reflection in the mirrored panelling of his frigate. It had taken him days to finish his armour but when he did he was proud of the work he had done, as had all his brothers. The armour was silver. A perfect silver that was lined with a deep red. The Heraldry was his own personal heraldry, a sword grasped in the claws of the Imperial Eagle.

He was not ashamed to admit that as he demolished the Emperors Children colours and heraldry he had wept. This was the way of things now, and like the former First Captain, he would not be able to return to the fold. Not with his brothers turning their back on the Emperor for a deity that demanded they give in to the excesses best left for the Humans.

“Approaching Frigate, state your name, rank and Legion”

The sound of another voice almost made Vairosean jump out of his seat, things had been so quite. Clearing his throat he kept his voice steady and level.

“This is Captain Marius Vairosean, formally the 3rd Captain of the Emperors Children Commander of The Eidolon, now Chapter Master of the Emperors Blades”

There was a long silence as the voice on flight control digested this information. No one on the Frigate said a word but the mood changed as the Phalanx came into view blocking their path. It was bigger than even they believed

“Marius?” The scene changed and the visage of Captain Halbrecht replaced the Phalanx “What by the name of Terra is going on?”

“Not here Halbrecht, I need to speak to the Emperor”

“No one sees the Emperor without his express summoning” The Imperial Fist, one of Dorns Inner Circle arched an eyebrow. “You know this Marius”

“Come aboard my friend, there is something I need to tell you that may alter that.”

Halbrecht was silent for some time then eventually he nodded. In the absence of his father he did the checks. He was more curious about the change in armour and heraldry that his friend wore. “I shall be aboard eminently, and this had better be good my friend, or the only person you and your crew will be seeing, will be Lord Dorn when he conducts your court martial.”

Marius inclined his head and rose from his seat “I assure you Halbrecht, I am not one for flights of fancy as you know, and if I did not believe this was serious I would not be wearing different colours, sporting my own heraldry and demanding to see the Emperor.”

Halbrecht did not look convinced but for the sake of their friendship, he was prepared to hear Vairosean out. Had it been Sigismund than there would have been no offer of parley and for that Marius would be eternally grateful.

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The Wolf King listened as Kareosian once again went over what had become of the Emperors Children. On some parts he interrupted and asked Julius to go over a point again, then would listen as he continued. When the tale was over the Wolf King did not know whether to laugh or rage at such a story.

But then the ghosts of Adonnas and Charion still on occasions kept him awake at night. He still had trouble digesting everything that had happened, everything that was still happening and he wondered if this was some bizarre upside down world, whether they were all suffering some mad illusion. Russ still had trouble getting his head round his father, worshipped by all his sons with one or two exceptions, could allow such a thing. Maybe his father was suffering from a malady that had driven him to flip the Great Crusade on its head and declare that gods existed.

He shook his head clear of those thoughts, he was still haunted by the image of Angron breaking Magnus's back and destroying Prospero, he had an eerie feeling that, had things not changed so drastically that he would be the one in Angrons place. He was still uneasy around Psykers but, he had grown a bond with Magnus, and when he was able, he had taken some Thousand Sons within his vessels so that they could recruit some new blood. It would be a long while before they could rejoin the fight against the Imperial forces, in effect for the foreseeable future, the Thousand Sons were out of the fight, but not out of the war.

“So, Fulgrim is planning to attack the realm of Ultramar?” Bjorn asked “Why? If anyone was going to do that, I would have thought it would have been Lorgar, especially after what happened on Monacharia”

“My Father, sees Ultramar as an example of a perfect Empire, all its inhabitants having a role to play in the greater turning wheel of the Imperium. He wants Chemos to be like it, every person having a place of value creating things of beauty as well as working towards the perfect Imperium” Julius explained “I do not know if Lorgar had a hand in this, but since Laern he has changed, more so since that damned sword came into his possession”

“What sword?” Marius asked.

“There was magnificent sword in the temple we fought to. Father gave it to the Emperor curse his name, as a gift. Some time later he gave it back to Fulgrim and the changes began. He ordered that Bile continue his work on unlocking the creation theory behind the Primarchs and ordered him to start altering his legion to reach perfection quicker than we should have” Julius thought of Demeter and shook his head “With the exceptions of those who came with me, every Company took the enhancements and it changed them to what you saw on Carenn”

“So the sword is what? Bewitched?” Bjorn asked.

“There is something in it that’s for certain cousin” Julius agreed “It never dulls, its blade is flawless in design and its edge keener than any blade I have ever known, even keener than Firebrand, and Ferrus Mannus does not create mediocre weapons”

“We could break the blade, break the enchantment and bring Fulgrim to his senses” Gage mused.

Julius shook his head “Its too late for that and whatever lives in that sword could be more dangerous. We had a Remembrancer who committed murder and was executed by Lucius, when she died all manners of creatures were released onto the Pride of the Emperor.” Julius shuddered at the memory “My father is lost, but he wants perfection in his sons, not ugliness, so I suspect that he is lost to the Emperor at the moment, until he rebuilds what he has lost, and until he ensures that their loyalty is to him first”

Russ rubbed his jaw and was silent for a long time, when he spoke he looked at the Ultramarines Chapter Master “With Julius here, at least we have an advantage over predicting how they will land and make battle”

“With due respect Uncle” Julius carefully spoke “That has all changed”

“Yes but you yourself said they warred as Emperors Sons until they got....crazed with whatever they have become” Julius nodded “That gives us the advantage. I will deploy my sons........here, here and here” He tapped the holomap “They are the most densely populated areas and Bjorn you will cover the farmlands with your company. I will accompany the Celestial Lions with the Wolf Guard”

“Why?” Bjorn asked hurt that his father did not want him by his side as he always was.

“Because Fulgrim will opt for destroying the farms, cut off the food supply, I would if I were him as would Horus and anyone else.” Russ told him and chuckled a little, it was not a pleasant sound “Don't worry my old friend, you'll see your share of fighting. I suspect that Fulgrim himself will come for Julius and I should be the one to meet the Phoenician.”

“We will cover the barracks and the roads leading to the government plaza” Gage said “We have already advised the Governor to evacuate but, they are not willing to leave” He added with no small amount of pride.

Like the citizens of Fenris, when war came, the populace, civilian or military would not lie in their beds waiting to die. They would fight to the death to save their home. They were after all citizens of Ultramar, something they would not discard so easily, especially when they knew that should Calth fall, then MaCragge could be next.

“We are however ensuring that children and babies are taken to the old underground caverns with their mothers and a detachment of the Calth Defence force and Squad Andeaus and Squad Personas.; if what Julius says comes to pass our children are not safe”

“Did I miss something?” Bjorn asked.

“Fulgrim no longer wants to just recruit from Chemos, if he is ever going to do so again, he is going to take the young from each world he conquers and turn them into Emperors Children”

“In that case, better have a squad of Celestial Lions and two of our squads join them” Russ muttered “Bjorn have Squad Fenyr and Squad Khejir join them...Julius?”

“I will have Squad Femara, our best Devastators join them.” Julius affirmed “As you say Marius, the Children must be protected at all costs”

“Has Your Lord been informed?” Russ asked Gage.

“I have sent word to him but, I do not know if he will get back in time as I do not actually know where he is.”

“What is he doing?”

“Trying to save the Imperium” Marius almost whispered.

Russ nodded. He had this conversation with Gulliman several weeks ago, there was no love lost between Russ and Horus, never had been, Leman respected Horus as a warrior, he hadn't been thrilled at the ascension of Horus to Warmaster but, at the time it had been the wisest choice. However he had promised Gulliman that if he was needed he would back him in the building of the Imperium Secondus. But this had to be dealt with first and as he had told Roboute, he would not rebel against Horus, he was at this moment in time the right choice to lead the renegade forces against the Emperor and their murderous brothers. As barbaric as he was seen to be, even he knew that to go against Horus and his allies now, would cause a schism that would play into the hands of the Emperor.

And none of them, no matter what their differences, wanted that.


Halbrecht met Marius in his own stratagem. The Imperial Fist waited until his escort had left, the two battle brothers with him remained close by their commander. The two Captains clasped wrists then stepped back.

“Well?” The Imperial Fist asked in a no nonsense tone of voice.

Vairosean could understand that, with what he had said and what the Imperial Fist could see, by all accounts this was treason. It was unheard of a Captain going his own way and defying his Primarch but this was serious and he hoped that Halbrecht would agree and get him an audience with their grandfather.

So patiently the former 3rd Captain of the Emperors Children recalled all that had happened to his legion and his father. By the time he had finished some two hours later the Imperial Fist was staring at him like he was mad.

“You want to tell the Emperor that one of his closest Sons, the only son he allows to wear his own personal heraldry across his chest has betrayed him. Vairosean are you insane? He would never believe such a thing!”

“I do not lie cousin, I speak only the truth. Kaesoron has already betrayed the Emperor and the Phoenician and thrown his lot in with Horus, I will not betray the Emperor. It does not make me feel any better that I had to fight through my own company with only a few of my men left loyal to the Emperor just to get here and warn him.

My father has embraced the tenants of Slaanesh and is going against the Imperial Creed. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“He will kill you for this if he does not believe you” Halbrecht ran a hand over his stubbled head.

“I would rather face the Emperors justice than live a lie Hal”

Halbrecht shook his head “You always were a humourless sonofabitch. I doubt that has changed. He will want proof you know this”

“He will have it, all he has to do is look at me and my brothers.”

Halbrecht nodded a little, he had seen what had been done to his friend himself but the Emperor might take a little more convincing. Finally he made up his mind and picked his helmet up “Bring The Eidolonin to dock in one of the Phalanx's hangers. Remain on board until I send someone for you and I will assign you and your.....Company some quarters. I will request the Emperors presence, how long he takes is up to him.”

“This is urgent Hal” Marius stressed.

“I can see that, but what the Master of Mankind deems urgent might be entirely different. I have given my orders. I will also inform my father of what has been said here. He will want to hear it for himself so he may accompany the Emperor or come to listen to you before the Emperor gets here.”

Marius bit back the retort and bowed his head in acquiescence, yet inside he was frustrated, this could be a matter of hours or a matter of days and every day wasted meant that it was another day his father could consolidate his own plans.

Halbrecht motioned at the new colour scheme “Not sure what they are going to think of this though” and with that, he walked out the room and returned to the Phalanx.

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The sister ship of the Beta, and Omeagons flagship. Right now he did not feel like a Primarch, nor did he feel like a son of the Emperor. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, heavy brow, coppery tinge to his skin and a scar that would forever remain that almost cut his left eye in two and ran from his temple to his nose.

A gift from Alpharius when he left with half the Legion to join the Emperors forces. He was not even sure what had brought it all about. His brother had been withdrawn, refusing to allow him in on any discussions he had with other members of the Legion. It was as if there was something different in his own place.

Omeagon had argued with Alpharius for days, telling him that his plan had not been perfect, nor was it flawless, it went against everything they were created for, they were the equivalent of an old Terra military unit of specialised black operations squad, that is what their goal was, but Alpharius would not allow any deviation from his ideals. They were created by the Emperor and therefore they should remain with the Emperor.

For weeks they fought until the schism split the Legion in two. Now all that was left were those who believed what Horus was doing and those that, like Alpharius believed that their place was with the Emperor. Omeagon clenched his fist and turned as Jasna Maros, the master of the Alpha came in and stood before him.

“You wanted to see me My Lord?”

He was tall for a human, about sixty years of age with white hair receeding at the temples. He stood at a smart attention, the jacks that connected him to the spirit of the Alpha discreetly covered by his uniform jacket.

“Set a course to intervene with the Iron Blood, I would speak with the master of the Iron Warriors.”

“So, you are set on this course my lord? Revealing that you are a brother Primarch”

Omeagon would have ordinarily censured the officer for questioning his orders but he had a lot of respect for the Alphas Commanding Officer, and it was not easy to win Omeagons respect.

“I have no choice my friend,. At least I still have the Geno and half the Legion, it is time the other Primarchs realised that they have another brother. One that has had to stay in the shadows and play mind games with them.”

“Perturabo and Alpharius were not exactly......friendly, he may not believe you”

“He'll believe me. A Primarch knows another Primarch, I am just surprised that Horus never worked it out, please set an intercept course with the Iron Blood

Maros bowed low and left his master to his thoughts. Omeagon touched the scar on his face and continued watching the great empty void as his vessel moved through it. He had much to think about and much to do, if they were going to be able to defeat the Emperor.

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Tarsons came too in a dank, dark cell, he found himself chained to a stone slab. He had no idea where he was and he had no idea where his brothers were, the last thing he remembered fighting against a squad of Night Lords. He felt cold, raising his arms as far as the chains would allow he saw his own naked flesh. The door swung open and two midnight clad Astartes walked in and smoothly stepped to one either side of the door. The light that flooded in hurt his eyes for a brief moment, causing them to sting. He snorted disdainfully at the shadowed figures, the disdain fell from his face as he saw who turned the corner and came into the doorway next. His massive frame
dwarfing the two Night Lords with him.

The Night Haunter stood at the end of the slab and regarded the creature upon it. When he had been informed of what had happened on Carenn he had the other two flayed alive, but instead of begging for a quick death, they had pleaded for more. It had merely confirmed to him how far his once close brothers sons had fallen and how his flawed brother had allowed them to fall. The disgust he had felt at such pacts only strengthened within him and his resolve to keep his sons free of such bargains. It was known within the Night Lords that if any of them made pacts with demons then they would be expunged from their brothers and their gene seed destroyed. The Night Haunter would rather destroy the legacy then have daemons and their ilk have one foothold on his legion.

“You are going to tell me why my brother has deemed it necessary to allow such....filth to change his sons” He spoke.

Tarsons laughed “You already know the answer to that one Uncle” he sneered, his disdain returning “My father is the perfect shining example of a how a Primarch should be, more perfect than Sanguineous or Horus, he is the exemplar of perfection”

Night Haunter rolled his eyes, he was not going to boost this creatures ego by arguing with him. He shook his head and stood by the door to the cell “Jago, Mikhail, take this filth to the lower reaches of the Nightfall. Where we send those who have betrayed the Legion. He is to be left there forgotten. Let us see if his thirst for sensation and pleasure sustain him when there is none to be had”

“By your command Lord” Sevatar was glad for that, the sooner they got this abomination away from the rest of the crew the better.

Trueze wanted to kill the beast, but his father had already gone over this, by granting Tarsons a slow painful death, it was giving him what he wanted, and Curze was not going to give him what he wanted. He was not going to allow any gateway for that chaos god to enter his ship or contaminate his crew, Astartes and human.

“No harm comes to him Mikhail, that would be detrimental to what he wants. When he is placed into his quarters return to me and we shall head for Calth”

“Calth?” Jago asked.

“That is where Fulgrim is headed and its where I am headed. I will deal with my errant brothers sons and I will leave Fulgrim to his destiny”

“Which is?” Trueze asked.

The Primarch shook his head “Later my sons...get this trash out of the way of my sons and daughters so that it cannot contaminate them with its vile presence.” he strode out of the room and both the Astartes did as their father ordered.

The Night Haunter had found something to vent his anger on, something to start the path to avenging the deaths of his people, if destroying his brothers plans made even a dent in that destiny of the Emperor, then he was going to be the one to put it there.


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Fulgrim stood before the assembled brotherhood, his face unreadable, that concerned the Captains and Eidolon, once again the Lord Commander was left out of the loop, something was going on and he had no idea what, once upon a time he had been part of whatever the Primarch was feeling, they had been close friends since Chemos.

Now, now he was just as in the dark as anyone else, with the exception of Demeter and Vespasian and that annoyed him. Vespasian was a great warrior but more and more the Primarch had his ear, as did that blasted Demeter. He had never cared much for the former Second captain. In fact if he had his way, then he would have him busted back down the ranks when Demeter had attacked him, there was a time the Primarch would have done that, but now...now the bastard was First Captain and also had the Primarchs ear.

Once the cheering and adoration for the Primarch had stopped Fulgrim clasped his hands behind his back. His face set in stone, and as this giant of perfection descended the stairs from his throne his mood encompassed the entire room.

“When we last spoke my sons, I outlined my plans for our future. I said that whatever world we brought to the Emperors vision, we would take the young. Whatever world of our enemies we conquered we would take their young, to build our own brotherhood and sisterhood of loyal, fervently religious warriors. That they were not to be exposed to the path of the Dark Prince until I was ready for them to be, do you remember Lucius?”

He stopped before Lucius and ran a fatherly hand down his cheek. Lucius almost fell over in adoration for his father, his hearts hammered against his chest and he almost wept at the glory of the Primarch noticing him.

“I remember father” he whispered.

Fulgrim smiled but it didn't touch his eyes, in fact the glint that entered them made Lucius realise what was about to happen. He had no idea who had told the Primarch about his and Ruens conversation but someone had. Thankfully for Lucius though, this time the Primarch patted his shoulder and moved on.

“It would seem that there is one of you who believes that he is above such orders.” The Primarch continued, resuming his slow walk amongst the assembled brotherhood.

There were murmurs amongst the Captains about who would dare go against a direct order from the Primarch.

“You see my sons I do not issue those orders lightly. I know that whilst we will continue to take from our glorious world of Chemos, we do not get back there often enough to recruit as we should. And we all know that the pinnacle of our enemies defeat is turning their young against them, that is why I have given them a part of the ship under the protection of my Phoenix guard. But one of you saw fit to disregard that order. Ruen of the 21st step forward”

Ruen looked around him and moved forward bowing his head as he did. He shot a glare at Lucius, threatening retribution for whatever befell him. Lucius shook his head silently to signify that he had said nothing, but his eyes told Ruen that he had been warned.

“Why Ruen? I trusted you my son, why would you go against my orders?” Fulgrim stood behind him and placed a paternal hand on his shoulder “tell me what drove you to kill those Rememberancers and almost kill the children under my express protection?”

Ruen kept his head front and centre and narrowed his eyes “You cannot deny me my sensation father, I wanted to know what it was like to have teach a child how best to follow Slaanesh”

Fulgrim patted his shoulder and in one swift movement, moved his other hand round and snapped Ruens neck clean around so that his head faced back to front. The snap was loud enough to hang in the stunned silent air. He wasn't finished yet, with barely a grunt he ripped the head of Ruen from his body and threw it until it was dead centre of the room.

“When I give an order I expect it to be carried out. When I set a precedent it will be followed and when I say on pain of death are none of my Legions future to be harmed, I MEAN IT” His voice rose, his face became a mask of fury and each and every son in the room moved to one knee, their fathers anger palatable. “THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE WHO DEFIES MY ORDERS! EIDOLON!”

“My lord?” Eidolon rose to his feet

Fulgrim glared at him for a moment, then as swiftly as it had surfaced his face regained its beatific composure.

“I have chosen who will make the first landfall on Calth. The 13th, 21st, companies shall make the initial planet fall at Numinous City. The 43rd and 57th shall attack the Calth Veridian Anchor and they shall be under your command Eidolon, do me proud my son”

“If I may ask father, where will you be? Such a battle must have you at the front of it”

“Oh I will be there my son, I will be with the First, Second and Third Companies alongside Lord Commander Vespasian as we take the fight to the Chapter Master himself” Fulgrim wagged his index finger “We shall destroy Calth and render it in hospitable, once that is done it will be onto the heart of this traitors nest, we shall bring Calth to its knees” His voice rose in grandeur “we shall deal Gulliman a blow he will never recover from. The rest of you shall have your orders given to you by Lord Commander Vespasian, make sure that the battle plans you are given are followed to perfection. We shall come out of this winners my sons, this I promise you.” He picked up his wine goblet and sat back on his throne “Now eat, drink and let us celebrate the fortune to befall us”

As he sat back he looked at the dead eyes of Ruen staring at him and rubbed his lower jaw. Lost in thoughts known only to himself he moved his gaze away and listened to the old songs of Chemos as they sang round the hall.


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The Primarchs stratagem looked more like the inside of a cathedral, symbols of the new gods of the Imperium were given pride of place in various parts of the Stratagem surrounded by candles and other offerings, some of which the waiting visitor dare not even think about where they might have come from. Despite following what his heart had told him, he was decidedly uncomfortable around such blatant ideology.

His gaze swept round and fell upon the area reserved for the Emperor, bigger than the other icons it was obvious where his brothers faith lay. He clasped his hands behind his back and waited. He had been a guest aboard the Fidelitas Lex since he had walked in on Lorgars conference with the others of the Emperors chosen. He had seen the destruction of Nostramo and had suddenly felt very relieved that he had never spoken of his home world, and he never would, he rarely went back there and he recruited from worlds that he had conquered.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting brother” He turned as Lorgar strode into his stratagem flanked by Argel Tal of the Gal Vorbrek,

He had heard of the vaunted Word Bearer warrior whose duties had also encompassed being Lorgars personal bodyguard. The Gal Vorbrek were the Legions most respected warriors and held in awe by other Word Bearers, Lorgars favoured he had heard.

“You had other things to attend to brother”

Lorgar came towards him and embraced him like a long lost brother, then stepped back, his hands on his brothers pauldrons. It always struck Lorgar how much like Horus his brother looked, and whilst he had had very little to do with his brothers more secretive Legion in the past, that was about to change.

“Did your sons agree to finally coming to the side of the Emperor my brother?” Lorgar asked.

Alpharius shook his head “My Legion is split in half, one half with me, the other half with Omeagon.”

“Your friend? You will have to deal with him and the others at some point Alpharius”

“Not my friend Lorgar” Alpharius took a deep breath for a moment “My twin brother”

Lorgar stared at him for a long time and then began to laugh. He brought his hands together in delight, something he had suspected for a long time, and it answered a lot of questions in his mind.

“So we had two brothers that none of us knew about until recently” Lorgar smiled, lighting up his golden features “Does father know?”

Alpharius nodded “He knows, he knows more about us then he would have anyone believe, such is his way”

Lorgar nodded “Then let us keep your secret brother, between you and I and when we see the Emperor and he welcomes you to the elite cadre you belong, I shall be able to put your skills to good use”

“We live to serve the Emperor” Alpharius bowed his head.

Lorgar nodded “We do indeed brother, we do indeed. Come Argel Tal will show you to your quarters, we have much to talk about, I will join you momentarily and thank you brother, the last few days have been – soul draining to say the least”

“I expect they have” Alpharius agreed archly “You realise don't you Lorgar, that Curze will be out for revenge”

“Oh I am counting on it brother” Lorgars mouth curled in a secretive smile.

Alpharius inclined his head and walked out with Argel Tal. Lorgar watched them go and sat back in his throne. There had been rumours about the Alpha Legion since they first came to the attention of the other Primarchs. It had been Horus who had discovered them. It made sense for Alpharius to join Horus, but, something must have happened to change Alpharius's allegiance.

Something had happened between him and his twin brother to split the Alpha Legion in two. The Emperor would sense any falsehood that was certain but Lorgar was curious and he wanted to know more, before they returned to Holy Terra he would have his answers.

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The Calth Veridian Anchor was preparing for shift change. The senior watch officer, Marsha Trevelas read the previous watch report and had been shocked upon her arrival to see not just the MaCragges Honour in high orbit but several ships of the Space Wolves, including the Hrafnkel, the Primarch of the Space Wolves himself was somewhere on Calth.

She was told to be watchful for any unusual activities, although there was no further description of what unusual activities. There were several Ultramarine Vessels in orbit around Calth, including The Blade of Konnor, under the command of Captain Fecevius of the 293rd Company. They acted as boarding parties to vessels that were considered suspect. As he was the ranking officer in the area she contacted him...or she tried to contact him.

++This is Watch officer Trevelas to The Blade of Konnor, my respects My Lord just notifying you of watch change at midnight MaCragge Time,++

She frowned as she got no answer. This was not right, even if the Captain had retired for the night than either the Blades vox officer or one of the Captains Sergeants would have answered. She tried again, then again and several more times.

All she got was static. She had been informed that the Chapter Master himself was on Calth and by rights and procedure she would have to notify him. Had it been a human trading vessel she would have put it down to laziness on the human crews part, but not an Astartes battle barge, especially not an Ultramarines vessel.

She tried to contact the Iax Praetorian, the Calth Lion and the Juno Tribune, all without luck, none of the guardian fleet were answering, but according to the logs they had checked in at 05:00 the previous morning. She decided that this was too worrying to be left unchecked and changing her frequencies she attempted to contact the MaCragges Honour, but a shout from crewman Kenton made her turn and watch in horror as The Blade of Konnor suddenly split apart as a large Space Marines vessel ploughed through it like it was butter.

She looked down at her auspice, as she ordered the alarms to be activated, the sound of which would send the security force of the CAV into action. The other vessel was not just any ship, with its swept back golden wings at the front she realised she was looking at The Pride of The Emperor, the flagship of the Emperors Children. She got an SOS to the MaCragges Honour but not before the Calth Lion suddenly turned, with its other sister ships they began to fire on the Watch tower. Her last thoughts as the screams of the dying around her and glass cut into her body like ballistic missiles was that she had not told her husband how much she loved him, then it all went red as her blood covered the panels around her and her head exploded.

The Battle for Calth and by extension Ultramar had begun.


The Master of MaCragges Honour roared at his bridge crew to turn about, having seen the destruction that was being wrought at the CAV he wanted them there and there fast. Captain Fiberik, the designated Second in Command when the Chapter Master was not aboard ordered all Astartes to prepare for battle. The Imperial Army of the Calth 103rd Division that were aboard the MaCragges Honour began mobilising for possible boarding actions.

The Pride of the Emperor ignored anything else around it and carried on towards its goal, the flagship of the Ultramarines. Lord Commander Desenius realised that the Hrafnkel was there too and a viscous smile split his face, take out two flagships and leave the Wolves and the Ultramarines below stranded.

“Inform the Primarch that there are Space Wolves on Calth, Inform him that the Hrafnkel is in high orbit and that means that the Wolf Lord is on the surface”

The Vox Officer, a human by the name of Gavar bowed his head and immediately relayed the Lord Commanders orders. Once he had done that, he touched his ear and turned to the Lord Commander once more.

“My lord. Captain Lucius is requesting a pick up from the Calth Lion”

The Lord Commander shook his head “Concentrate on the MaCragges Honour, Lucius can make his own way to the space port.”

“Do you wish me to relay that to him Lord?”


The Vox officer did as he was told. The Lord Commander watched his holomap and focused on the ships before him, he had his orders, he was to ignore any and all calls from Lucius and his Company. He had seen the Primarch execute Verona and he had seen the Primarch deal with Ruen, he happened to like his head where it was.

The Pride of The Emperor had greater glories to achieve and he was going to ensure they did exactly as his father expected. He looked down at his holomap, he smiled as he saw the Erewhon, Andronius. Fulgrims Virtue and Longinus moved into the formations they had been assigned. For the briefest of moments he thought he saw a flicked on his screen, like an opening in space, but ignored it. More likely it was the death explosions of the ships near the ruined Calth Veridian Anchor.

He couldn't have been more wrong.

Lucius coughed angrily as he pulled himself from the wreckage of the Calth Lion, after firing upon the CVA he had rammed it, so that the 13th could have better access, unfortunately although it was a good plan, the Pride of the Emperor played her hand too soon. As soon as Fulgrim had left in Firebrand, she was to wait for the all clear than head towards the MaCragges Honour.

He had seen the Space Wolves vessels in high anchor and tried to warn the Pride of the Emperor but they were not listening. He had left a thousand men on The Blade of Konnor, Sergeant Acusa had taken it in text book Emperors Children regulations, they were to use The Blade of Konnor as a back up vessel when it came to taking out the rest of Calths protective ring of vessels. Now...now he had seen the flagship plough through the smaller vessel like it was nothing.

He had seen the bodies float out and then smashed to pieces by the flotsam and jetsam. The Lord Commander had murdered a thousand of his men, for no good reason...Lucius had a nasty suspicion forming in the back of his mind. He kept it there and filed it away.

He would need more proof, and he had a job to do. Gathering his wits about him and his company who had managed to make it to the CAV they began to tear their way through the burning structure. At some point it was going to give way, and when it did, well Lucius was not certain he would survive such an explosion or a fall that would lead all the way to the surface; they had destroyed the watch tower, there was still plenty of death to deal out.

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Well, this is escalating quickly - really quickly! I'm quite impressed by your speed, especially since it's a while since I've written much myself. (The conclusion to Foundations in Scarlet has been lounging in my computer, waiting to be edited, for some time.)

And, of course, interesting as well. Somehow I doubt the Ultramarines and Space Wolves will be too happy about the Night Lords showing up....
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