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renegade inq

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Ok does anyone know a model that could pass for a renegade female inquisitor, anything that can be done at low cost. I want to make a slaanesh inquisitor(...why, cause Im tired of doing zombies, nurgle marines, tau, and human mercs...Also it'll tie in with my csm fluff)
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Of course, the same way you can have renegade Space Marines or Imperial Guard- in fact in my opinion nearly every Inquisitor will become a radical if given enough time (or be so puritan that they get to radicalism from the opposite direction), it's just the sacrifice they pay to guard humanity.
nah, Inquisitor Covenant won't, or Tyrus, you can't even imagine him turning renegade.
That's why I purposely said radical not renegade, or the qualification that some Inquisitors are so ultra-puritan that they amount to the same thing in a different manner.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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