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renegade inq

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Ok does anyone know a model that could pass for a renegade female inquisitor, anything that can be done at low cost. I want to make a slaanesh inquisitor(...why, cause Im tired of doing zombies, nurgle marines, tau, and human mercs...Also it'll tie in with my csm fluff)
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Any plastic/resin, something easy to alter(I hate metal), I've got plenty of GS, but little skills.
Plastic or resin models, let alone female ones, for this will be far and few between. How about something from the fantasy line that could be 40k'ed up?

Like this one?

Or for a plastic model kit... (the one on the left)

Another metal one, but could be cool...



These are all GW models. I like the last one the best and the one with the dual hammers. Either one would be easy enough to both be adapted to 40k and be made female and make look like a stray inquisitor. The dual hammer one would take a head swap at the minimum. Adding Boobs would be a different story.
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