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A big shout out to all the people on the internet who, like me, spent a considerable amount of time surfing the net to try and find an article that told you how to safely remove paint from models without harsh things like brake fluid or without dissolving any plastics you had.

I have found a way to safely remove paint from any kind of model, metal or plastic without melting your models or having the risk of taking a quick trip to hospital with burnt skin.

All you will need is about 250ml of white spirit, which can be picked up from your local diy store (I got mine from Wickes), an old toothbrush, and a fairly deep container (depending on how big the models you want to remove the paint from are or how many you want to soak at any one time)

Firstly, gather all the models that you can fit into the container, making sure that you have enough space or white spirit to submerge all the models. Just put the amount of white spirit you want into your container of choice and the put the models in, taking care not to spill any, and then add more white spirit if needed to cover any parts that are not submerged. Then you simply leave them to soak for 2-3 hours or more is the paint is particularly stubborn.

Then take them out and give the each model a good scrub with the old toothbrush. The paint should start to strip immediately and after a few minutes of scrubbing, all the paint should have been removed, even if the model was completely saturated with paint to start with. Simple as 1,2,3.

Just repeat as necessary if you could not fit all of your models into your container.

Hope this helps,

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