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That's a good Idea Grim I've got enough spare arms and weapons knocking about to convert this purple eldar into a close combat guy.

would it look weird to have old and new Guardians mixed together in one squad?.
Maybe, but you could just come up with a fluff reason for it. Some quick ideas for that - small craftworld, a brutal fight with (random race) nearly saw them overrun and a lot of their crafting capability was destroyed and hasn't been able to be repaired yet. Maybe they are a more religious craftworld that despises Vaul (maybe they are just way too into Khaine) so people look down on crafting and few people choose to become exarchs down that path. Or, maybe they spent a lot of time separated from the craftworld and just haven't had time to restock in decades. I'm sure you could come up with something!

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after many attempts at getting a colour scheme i like, i finally have a technique i am happy with

so to take a break from painting the same guardian over and over again i decided to paint one of the tanks i have

not gonna lie this has taken me a really really really reaaaally long time to get it to this state
i will post which paints i used but i am not near them atm

so started with the main shell selecting which which areas i wanted to shade in

after that i did the driver but i didnt know how the window attached so i had to ask :(

added little details such as details to the pilots hud

you wont see this to much but i thought it would be good

and here he is in his place

Doesn't he look Happy

Moving onto painting gunner and turret

gave this guy a targeting screen to look at

and sat him in his turret which was painted the same as the main hull

you can see where this is going just continued doing it piece by piece next was the prism then the underside and engines

thats all i got so far need to do the antenna and the nose gun.

once ive done that i will most likely go back and redo all the poor pieces on it that need work

like i said ill post what Paint i used for what so you can do a better job than i did

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ok got the final photos for the prism tank.

ok so i said i would say what i used

for the blue
started with
Aldorf Guard Blue
and did a thin coat of that all over
then Drackenhof Nightshade wash
then went back over with the Aldorf on the raised bits (thin layer again)
then on teh parts i want to fade i did a thin layer of hoeth blue did several to slowly raise the brightness
final one was lothern blue on the tippy top layer again keep it thin keep it safe

once all that was done stepped back and took a photo.... then realised it still really obvious layer so went back with thinned Aldorf over the Hoeth line
and a thinned hoeth over the lothern line
just to blur it slightly
Don't worry if you accidentally fill in the creases where the wash has settled after all is done its best to go over the creases with a detail brush and the wash

Spirit stones

First off Mechite Red
then evil sunz scarlet
finished off with Troll slayer Orange

Prism Crystal

Abaddon Black
then Loren Forest very watery then hang the prism up with the point facing down, do several layers you are happy with the depth
Then Warboss Green same tactic as the Loren hang up with the point down with watery green
then Moot Green rinse and repeat as before.
Final item underhive ash on the point

those are the main point ... i know no one asked how i did it but thought it was worth mentioning

if you got any question feel free to ask next post should be the finished cloned guardians

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Welcome all to the Eldar Museum

I am the curator of this Museum Dr Honka von squekerisum

we will be looking back to when some of you were mere glints in the milkmans eye.

back in 1990s they released a bunch of models made from all sorts of poisonous things like lead.

this is where our first piece is from here we have the striking scorpions

circa 1990 and 1991 these were back in the days when scorps looked nimble and before they were placed in bizarre positions.

at the same time they also released these metal guardians you can see the identical stance close combat guardians looking badass with their las pistols.... yes las pistols this was way back in 2nd edition when you could give them las pistols.

and the next item is a special piece which was given to my by my lovely brother Grim. can only described as "The judderman"

still a work in progress
this little guys is particularly kool as its the same age as me.

and thats all for now in the eldar Museum join us again to see some models who were made before some of you were.
and the reason that so many model makers back then were very sick from lead poisoning


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Thanks Grim ive really been enjoying painting these.

ok so i had a long list of stuff to do round the flat today and a lot of things to get ready for my trip to the states.

so of course i spent the entire day watching youtube and painting some new models.

I started by doing 2 more Scorps still need to do the bases but brings me up to a usable squad hooray

But i spent most of the day working on a Ork killing Machine. so i worked on a war walker.
as its me of course its the old possibly lead model circa 1992 or 1994 weighs a tonne and had to pin it to the base or it would not stay.

i think the legs was a bit misshapen and is leaning forward a lot. but with double scatter lasers we should be able to thin a rampaging ork horde.

well i will be away for a few weeks for work so might not be updating for a while.
depends if i can be bothered to take something to paint with me and i think that i can't take lead items with me.... ill have to look into that .

anyway thats all for know

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Thanks Battman

i have decided to do some more eldar today have spent couple days converting and painting Ork Vehicles so i decided to paint an eldar for a change of pace.

so here we have the old Farseer Model from around 1991 on till i dunno when they stopped him. forgot to check his tab before i based him so dunno when this one was from


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Hi All back after nearly a year.

been super busy lot of stuff been going on.

and brother Grimzag has requested a apoc battle but i want to field my eldar. so there is going to be some work on that.

so here we have the collection of 1994 metal wraith Guard

i think they are slightly shorter than the newer ones but they still look the same.

only issue i had with these was whoever had them before me bent parts of them out of shape before glueing them so some of the parts don't line up

Hopefully this is the start of some regular updates so i can work through my lump of models.

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Hey everybody im back.

and we have some more models from the past next up we have 2 rangers from around 1989 - 1994.

Originally these were eldar scouts cant remeber when the name changed

these are 2 of 16 that im going to slowly paint up.
these 2 were testers see i could effectively paint up in winter camo.

shame the blue bits and the glowing red stones would give them away

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ok its been a while since i've posted.

i kinda stopped after all the images i had were lost but i decided to try again and start from here.

Last time i posted this was the current status of the old school eldar

Since then i have had an apocalypse battle and required more so here it is now

Heavy Hitters Shelf:
2 Fire Prism Tanks
2 Wraithlords (one with bright lance one with star cannon)
8 wraithguard

The Bulk Shelf
1x Farseer
7x Warlocks
19x Guardian Defenders with 2 xGrav Platforms (Bright lance and star cannon)
8 Guardian Storm
1x D-cannon Crew
2x war walkers (1x twin scatter lasers, 1with Bright lance and star Cannon)

The Elites Shelf:
16x Striking Scorpions
18x Rangers
15x Swooping Hawks
5x Jet Bikes

I'm gonna try and do more updating
i am currently working on another 5 Jetbikes. which only leaves 17 more to do after that

I'm sticking with the old school Models makes collecting a little harder but a lot more fun for me.

the Orks are on a bit of a break as i dont really know where i want to go with them But ill come back to them eventually


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I have returned after a few moons.

Much change has occurred in this time i find myself turning to the Eldar for salvation.
(Mostly only had access to my Eldar for the last year so I've painted them)

I shall return to regular updates Hopefully once im back in stable employment but for now you will have to survive / put up with occasional army updates.

Again i will try to do some more close up images of specific units and keep updated as i drag my way through the old school world of eldar collecting

So here is what i have achieved in the last year.

First up we have the Prism tanks and vypers

The left most tank was my first attempt after that ive worked on improving my blending technique.
The turret on the right is an objective marker that was on a tank off ebay. Unfortunatly the turret was melted slightly so it was no good
And the 2 vypers missing their wind screens

Pulling Back we have the Jetbike swarm

missing only 2 jetbikes to make a full 3 squads

Panning to the right a bit we have the Swooping hawks, The wraith lords, and war walkers

Need some wings for the 3rd edition swooping Hawks but have a full squad of first editions.
int the Background the two second edition wraithlords are lead by a rogue trader "Warbot / Vampire Class Spirit Warrior" (Dunno the correct term as i cant tell from online)
And then we have the three old war walkers 2 rogue trader and 1 2nd edition

Lets move onto the hq and guards

We have the a collection of the old farseer and warlocks, to the right we have Asurmen (missing his banner )
behind them we have the 8 metal wraithguard (5 more to be painted to be added to it)

Then we have some troops

Here we have the 20 strong eldar Rangers unit. to the left we have the old school d cannon and crew
And then we have 2 of the 4 squads of eldar guardians

Here we have the last few Pics

Items not addressed we have in purple the guardians storm squad which i have yet to find useful
and the large group of striking scorpions

Last up are the works in Progress

We have 2 falcon grav tanks in progress which need thier turrets Finished
3 guardians to finish off the guardian squads just need to paint the arms.

That's it For now Let Me know if you want any close ups on specific models of units ive Glossed over.

Like i said Im going to really try to do more regular updates but it Has been difficult

Its Good to be Back

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