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What might it be like to field a squad other than a tactical squad with Movie Space Marine rules, as per White Dwarf (don't remember which issue).

I was thinking, what would the stats be for a Dreadnought (Asscan/Flamer/Fist combo) on Movie Marine steroids. Or an assault squad?

I had the idea to say Vindicator a la Movie Marines, but that might play out like a 24" pie plate ordnance shot with 48" range, armor 14 on all sides, and a re-roll on failed rolls to wound (still str10 ap1)...

I'm thinking a Movie Dreadnought would be worth 1750 on his own, a Land Raider would only be OK in apocalypse, and an assault squad might be OK for 2000 point matches? (5 assault marines, 1 w/ power weapon, 1 w/ plasma pistol, 1 w/ flamer, 2 w/ ccw/bolt pistol).

Any ideas?

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Idea for Dreadnought:

WS: 7
BS: 6
S: 10
Front: 14
Side: 14
Rear: 14
A: 1
I: 6
Structure Points: 3

Wargear: MSM Assault Cannon, MSM Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, MSM Heavy

MSM AC: Range: 48" Str:8 AP:2 Assault 4D6, Rending

MSM DCCW: Strikes at initiative, place ordnance template over any squad in close combat with MSM Dreadnought. Vehicles are treated as being hit by ordnance (center hole deals str10, everything else = str5 on vehicles). Attack ignores armor saves, MSM Dreadnought is not affected by the ordnance template. Use one ordnance template per attack per close combat turn (two templates on the charge).

MSM Heavy Flamer: Range: 12" Str: 6 Ap: 3 Assault 2, large flame template. Place a marker at intended target (die or penny) Roll 2d6-BS for scatter. Place Apocalypse large flame template over marker, in any position desired (so long as marker is covered), so that as many enemy models are touched by the template as possible. Reroll failed wounds, ignores cover.

Special rules:
Ancient Defender: MSM Dreadnought may, if reduced to one structure point or deactivated (reduced to 0 structure points), temporarily shut down to affect repairs to internal circuitry or hardware. If deactivated, MSMD must roll a D6 of 4+ to proceed, if the die roll is failed, the MSMD must be recovered by a Techmarine and is, in effect, destroyed (to remove from the table, it must still be "destroyed" once more on the appropriate chart).

Activation of repairs must be declared before the movement phase of the controlling player. Repair systems require the full power required for targeting and locomotive controls, so the MSMD cannot move or shoot, but can still lash out in close combat at random. For each turn the dreadnought remains inactive, his player may place one MSMDCCW attack in a scatter direction from the Dreadnought, with one edge of the template remaining in base contact with the Dreadnought. A roll of a direct hit centers the template on the MSMD, but once again, the attack does not cause harm to him. The MSMD stays in a deactivated state until all weapons systems are repaired and all structure points have been restored.

The repair system may attempt to affect five repairs per turn, starting with structure points, and then with weapons systems and locomotive damage. To repair a structure point, roll a d6. On a 5+, the structure point is restored. To repair a weapons system, a d6 roll of 4+ is required, and to restore locomotive functions, a 3+. If all structure points are restored, and all weapons systems repaired, the Dreadnought may commence combat once more.

Venerable: As per the Space Marine codex.

Boost Locomotion: The MSMD may power the motors in its legs with energy normally routed to its weapon systems, allowing it to travel much faster, at expense of firing a weapon. For each weapon system shut down for that turn, the MSMD may move an additional 3" during the movement phase. Use of this ability must be declared during the movement phase, and which weapon systems are to be shut down must be declared as well.

Ancient Targeting System: The MSMD has onboard computing systems capable of picking out multiple targets across the battlefield. This can be used to such affect as to select two enemy targets to shoot at, while still targeting a third for close combat. Any two units within LoS and weapon range may be selected by the MSMD's controller during the shooting phase, one for the MSM Heavy Flamer, one for the MSM Assault Cannon. The MSMD is not obligated to assault either of these units, if his controller declares an assault that turn, and may assault a third target unit. (EG: may shoot MSM AssCan at a Leman Russ 36" away, while firing MSM Heavy Flamer at heavy weapons squad 8" away and then charging a squad of storm troopers 4" away)

Points cost: 1250

Edit: Only to be fielded in Movie Space Marine armies during Apocalypse size games.
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