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Reloading - Marine Pose.

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Marines Reloaded

I Have always been a bit down on the lack of poses for SMs, so here is a way of changing them around a bit.

What you need

An unassembled Marine model, craft knife, pin vice drill, razor saw, needle file, brass rod, super glue, Green Stuff (or similar) and a board to protect you table.

Stage 1

After preparing your Marine as you normally would, glue his upper body to his legs and those to his base. (I chose kneeling legs as I thought a Marine reloading would need to offer a small target. See 'Marine Kneel before me! ' for details.) You then need to drill through his upper body and shoulders so that the holes are central and a pin will go through all 3 bits. (Do not glue!)

Stage 2

Once you have done this you can pivot his arms around. Now you need to cut his hands and the Bolter magazine off carefully with the craft knife, cutting gently from both sides to stop the cut going off at an angle (this keeps more of the parts intact than the razor saw but can be tricky to get a straight cut. You can use the saw if you feel it's better but you will have to GS up the difference). You should now have a set of parts like those pictured below.

Stage 3

Now you can 'Blu Tack' or some other temporary sticky stuff him in to position to test out the pose. ( It was through this that I learned his wrist would need a slighty angled insert.)

Stage 4

If you are happy with the basic pose concept then it's time to sort out the Boltgun and its magazine. For the Boltgun I wanted to show where the magazine belonged. This was done by first pressing the craft knife into the Boltgun to get a rectangular line like so.....

....... Then using the knife cut at an angle to remove the rectangle leaving a recess as below not forgetting the little notch in side. (It is worth noting that this needs patience as it is very easy to slip and cut the wrong part including yourself, so lpease take great care when attempting this. If you think this is a bit overkill you can paint a black rectangle later.)

Stage 5

For the Magazine you will need to build up the top with Green Stuff to have enough length to show what would normally be in the Boltgun. Mould your GS about 2mm up following the lines and detail on the original, then add half a Boltgun round on top by adding a bit more green and shaping accordingly. ( I am using white Milliput which refused to photgraph well at this size so I used a brown wash so the camera and you could see it.)

Stage 6

You can now glue his hands on in the position required (as checked in stage 3, packing out the wrist angle if you feel the need. When this is done and the glue has dried you can glue the Magazine into his hand and when fixed I bent his thumb around it. (this caused a couple of dents in the thumb that I filled with GS.) If you want you can pack out any gaps around the Magazine to make his grip look a bit firmer as pictured below.

Stage 7

Now clean up any scrappy bits of glue/GS and glue the Boltgun to his hand. Then trim down the pin to size and glue all the components together as you want, ready for painting.

The angle of the wrists is up to you, using varied angles will produce different reloading poses.

Hope its useful.
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Great idea for sprucing up the rather lack-luster Marine posses. Will be trying it out on a few figures. Cheers
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