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Red Planet Citadel Realm of Battle Board

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After many months and not a small amount of disaster and repair I finally finished my red planet Citadel Realm of Battle Board.

Of course with quite a few rumours suggesting Ad-Mech are on the way hopefully we'll see more Red Planet boards cropping up.

In case you're interested the process was a texture spray first [which may have been a mistake as I'm not sure it stuck to the plastic as much as I'd hoped] then Red Oxide primer. Shadow washes with black emulsion, PVA and water. Then drybrushed highlights with cheap Vermilion art acrylic, then mixed with a 'Pumpkin' coloured Craft Acrylic for further highlights. Finally a splatter of Bonewhite for added detail.

The varnish was a nightmare - it failed and I had to go back to the shadow wash and re-highlight but the new Winsor & Newton varnish did the trick. Add in the Gale Force 9 yellow flock and the boards are done.

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You can see plenty more pictures of the finished article here: http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/terrain-is-everything-project-realm-of_23.html

There are loads of WiP blog posts here, should you feel inclined to see how it was done:

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Absolutely beautiful. Gives great inspiration for when I finally get around to ordering the Realm of Battle boards. Plus they Mars theme makes it feel new and different without having one scratch built.
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