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Red Fox Chapter

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The Red Fox Chapter was created right after the death of Rogal Dorn. It started off as an expedition by the Black Templar to search and destroy the chaos astartes responsible for his death. A list of ten names only known by the High Marshal and the Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists, and of course... the Chapter Master of the Red Fox.

Due to the mystery shrouding this chapter it is hard to know the chapters true origins and background. As such we only have the secret legend that this chapter has over its history. This legend only known and told to astartes by their captains once introduced as astartes who have the right to bear the armor. Once told, the Red Fox Marine will never mention or hear of it again.

Origin/Legend and Background

The Founding

A secret token with ten names had been discovered and praised to by a cult in a random moon in the Armageddon system. These very names were thought to be the very heros of chaos now worshiped by these cults as the murderers of Rogal Dorn.

Marshal Tensencon of the Black Templar was tasked with this mission to find all chaos traitors responsible for the death of their father and primarch. As they searched for the ten marines, they discovered a horrible truth. Everyone of the chaos traitors that had been captured held the same gene seed that they had. They were sons of Dorn. Sons of Dorn that had killed many years ago in the Iron Cage. Could it be? That such a titan like Rogal Dorn had fallen in the hands of his very own children? They had captured all of the traitors responsible for Rogal Dorn's Death... Except for one... It had been indeed hard. As each one of the traitors were also Iron Warriors. And ever since the Black Crusade in which Rogal Dorn had fallen, the Legions given him less and less support. In Abaddon's most recent Black Crusade, spies told Marshal Tensencon that the Iron Warriors had bailed out of his crusade. This had created a problem. With the last traitor kept deep inside the Eye of Terror, he had no other option but to go straight into the heart of Medengrad and find this warrior.

Failure Forever

Marshal Tensencon had made it to Medengrad only to see why he had met little resistance. The Chaos Gods had sent signs to all the Warbands strictly to not attack them. Of course, some had attacked anyway and Marshal Tensencon's Crusaders were lucky they had not been attacked by the chaos warband's true potential. Marshal Tensencon attacked Medengrad directly... only to be beaten into submission as though they were insects charging into a large stone. Marshal Tensencon's Crusaders had been severely beaten and only a handful of survivors had survived the battle only to meat their victors. It is said that a curse had befallen Marshal Tensencon and his Crusaders as Perturabo himself walked towards the Marshal. All their Chapter symbols had misshapen or fallen off their armor as the Mighty Daemon Prince Perturabo walked up to his captured. "You are too late Marshal, the warrior you are looking for has left with Warsmith Honsou's grand company. They have left the planet and have made way to wreck havoc on Ultramar. You have failed. But you will not die, no, you shall travel the universe for all time until you fulfill your task." With that, the Marshal and what was left of his forces were escorted back to their ships along with their fallen brothers.


Marshal Tensencon had left to Ultramar to regain his honor only to be met by Captain Uriel of the Ultramarines. The Marshal had fallen into a forsaken soul. Honsou had been beaten and rumors had been said that he had retreated back to the Iron Warrior planet back in the Eye of Terror. He had failed. His forces had been whipped clean from the records of the Black Templar and the Imperial Fists. He had failed again to accomplish his task. Honsou had wrecked havoc on the world of Calth. Tensencon had been stripped for his rank of Marshal and now he and his chapter were a wanderous warband without purpose. Tensencon had walked by himself for days in the beautiful wilderness of Calth. He had alone trailed a forest for 7 days until he came up to a red hill. He looked upon it and cursed the heavens. He had cursed the Emperor, he cursed his father Primarch and he cursed Perturabo for having given this curse and mercy to live with this pain of his failure. As Tensencon fell to his knees he saw a flash of light before his eyes. It had been said that during that during that sun down on those hills, the Emperor in his young and strong form had come down to talk to him. That hope had not been lost. Rogal Dorn also appeared smiling and proud of Tensencon as he put his arm on Tensencon's shoulder. He had not failed. His mission had only begun. And with that both the figures of Dorn and the Emperor had faded into sparkling dust and then transformed into a figure of a red fox. Tensencon stood up confussed. But he could not move, the red fox ran forward towards Tensencon and yet he could not move at all. The red fox leapt towards the plain black breast plate on Tensencon's chest. The red fox did not land on his chest, but went through Tensencon's chest and in pain Tensencon howled as his chest absorbed the fox form that now became dust being absorbed into his chest. Tensencon had felt went into so much pain that he fell down and passed out.


The next morning Tensencon woke up only to look at his armor. As he looked upon his armor it had a different appearence. His armor was no longer the black color of the Black Templar. It was now crimson red with bronze trim. The plain armor on his chest now had a new emblem.

A crimson armored figure could be seen from a distance as Tensencon's awaited their leader ships at ready. "Halt! Who goes there!" One of the Black Templar's said. "I am Tensencon, Chapter Master of the Red Fox, and I have been revitalized." As the figure came closer they could see their great leader Tenesencon claded in crimson red and the sun gleamed off the center of his chest which had a gold round emblem and in it a black shape of the head of a fox.

Chapter Master Tensencon had told them of what had happened that sundown. And with that all his warriors changed the color of their armor and went down to the Ultramarines treasury requesting any pieces of gold in which they could use to engrave the mark of the fox. After they had fitted and repainted their armor they had a new mission. A mission only known by Tensencon himself. They were off on a crusade that would bring light to the Imperium and that almighty Dorn would be proud himself.
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That sounds pretty cool. I was going to rob someones codex but I'd prefer to have someone let me. This way I can further expand on the story. I was going to end with combat doctrine... the boring part which ends my little codex, but if I can expand the story that would be nice too.
I got some new ideas, so I'll start a little introduction and give you guys some more tomorrow.

New Purpose

Revitalized and renewed the Red Fox Chapter went on a quest. The Red Fox chapter being supported directly by Calagar himself. Chapter Master Pensencon resupplies and recruits his very marines with the men of Calth. The only difference between the chapters of Ultramar and those of the Red Fox is that the Red Fox still use the Imperial Fist geneseed. It is also Calagar that is the only one who knows the true origination of the Red Fox Chapter. As such, before Chapter Master Pensencon left on his quest. Calagar greatest evidence destroyers went through the Red Fox Chapter armor and ships to make sure that any evidence that would identify them as Black Templar was removed. Before Chapter Master Pensencon's departure, Calagar gave Chapter Master Pensencon a new name, a new weapon, a new meaning. His name now Chapter Master Nasura of the Red Fox Chapter was gifted with a Power Axe Relic. A great weapon used by a hero of Ultramar long ago. With this, Chapter Master Nasura left to the Eastern Fringe to face the Imperium's new and greatest threat.
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KK, so I tried looking for the a suitable color scheme for my Red Fox Chapter, and I think I'm liking this. Not sure what to do about the emblem though. I don't want to put the space wolves stuff on my Fox Chapter, so I think if I use those shoulder pads and order them they would look better when they are all made and stuff.
Combat Doctrine

After the Fox Chapter's induction and funding in the planet Calth, the combat doctrine of a chapter originally created by Black Templar combat doctrine had almost faded. The zealous traits of the Black Templar replace with that of discipline of the Ultramarines. Spending about 50 years, The Fox Chapter spent time forging their skills from the Ultramarines finest 1st Company. However as the Tyranic Wars had escalated, the Fox Chapter was forced to attack unknown and in secret, fleets from the Eastern Fringe. The Red Fox Chapter had been quite successful in destroying many unknown Tyranid Fleets. The reason why these had meant to be in secret was to keep the general population from doing going into anarchy.

Imperial Fist Traits

The Red Fox Chapter unlike much of the Black Templar Chapter reverts back to Rogal Dorns great skills of defensive warfare. Being trained by the best Tyranid Veterans and combinning that with the greatest siege tacticians... it makes them the greatest defense against the Tyranid threat in the Eastern Fringe. Swordsmanship is also a very important aspect to Red Fox Chapter, training from initiate to be what they are.


The Red Fox Chapter has a unique way of growing their initiates. Due to their large pool of Initiates, they are able to create stronger marines than other chapters. The Chapter Initiates often train with Red Fox Marines, experiencing first hand how to fight as a true Fox. Though having a large pool to initiates doesn't necessarly mean a superior pool of marines, it does mean a larger quantity of success from... the pit... where a Red Fox Initiate faces his final test in deserving the title of marine and the worthiness of wearing the armor of the astartes.

The Pit

Only by recommendation of a company captain will an initiate be allowed to go into the pit. The final test in becoming a marine and having the worthiness of wearing the astartes armor of the Red Fox. The initiate is given his choice of close combat weapons and thrown into a steep pit. Four of the Chapters finest marksmen stay watch aiming their weapons inside the pit. A perfectly fit genestealer is released from stasis and let to combat the initiate. The initiate is protected by these fine marksmen, though as some instances have shown... not a hundred percent fail safe. If the marksmen do not believe the initiate is combat effective they will automatically end the battle by ending the genestealers life. The initiate will be taken away and not allowed to reclaim his honor unless he is recommended by a captain again. If a initiate successfully kills his prey, he is rewarded with the finest of honor of being a Red Fox Marines and allowed to wear the armor of the finest chapter. Though these rather extreme methods, the chapter has never had to worry about being at full capacity. And instead of discouraging success and other initiates from joining their ranks, it has in fact created further competition and success in recruiting as the men of Calth are fine soldiers indeed.
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Hive Fleet Zulu and A new Threat

Named Hive Fleet Zulu was the last fleet approaching from the Eastern Fringe and named Zulu due to it being the next letter to call. Each of the fleets accounted for one letter of the military alphabet, Zulu being the last, Alpha being the first. Most closest fleets approaching being named with the beginning of the alphabet and so forth. Each fleet potentially in between as powerfull as the "known" fleets that the Imperium of Man had faced... except for the last one. Zulu... a fleet so big that its strength could not even be estimated. No scale or scanner could estimate the number capacity of this big fleet. Worth knowing however, that these fleets are hybernating and a long enough time away to where certain Imperial Leaders can keep this hidden, from sending the rest of the world of man into going in flames... at least for the time being.

The Secret Meeting of Calagar and Nasura

Chapter Master Nasura of The Red Fox Chapter, distrot and forsaken by the images he saw of this new threat. Walking down a large dark grey corridor with sheets of clothing that were pretty much a quick outfit to resemble a ragged cloak. No one had seen him, at least for now. If anyone would see him, they would be imidiately be alerted at the size of him causing unnecessary attention. This disguise was little more than a mask to make his presence unconfirmed. As he got to the end of the Corridor he met the fire pit which created the heat in which the inhabitants of this building. He stepped into the pit which was not very low at all, walking about ten yards burning as got to other side. Reaching an exit he left the pit in flames as his skin was already rapidly healing from the few burns his body was unable to avoid as he grazed the metal bars across the sides. On the other side was a large room in darkness with a lone candle that sat on a table revealing a hooded figure sitting in a stone chair.

"Calagar...you sent me all the way down here...? Have you found a way to defeat this new threat? Will you be able to destroy it?" Nasura sat down on the stone chair across the table from the hooded figure.

"Yes... and no... I have created a virus to destroy this new threat. And no, I will not be the one tasked to perform this mission... But it is you. The Ultramar System can perform its operations with these fleets; as well as the other fleets roaming around that have not yet been destroyed. But Hive Fleet Zulu is another story. I am proud to say, I have trained you well enough to where I can say I trust you enough with perhaps the most important mission and threat our galaxy and the fate of the human race faces since the Horus Heresy. My apothecary awaits you by your ships, find him and he will locate you to the virus. Go now. You will also see that you have more ships than you previously had with your heraldry. These are my gifts and weapons to you to use as you will. Along with several regiments that I have assigned to your lordship. Good lucky my friend."

Chapter Master Nasura left with great haste and the Virus. Upon departure he saluted Calth and left on his quest that would perhaps be his last. Upon leaving to his quest to the Eastern Fringe Nasura's Fleet encountered a weird solar system consisting of five planets deep outside the Eastern Fringe. These planets consisting of great position to the hybernating approaching fleets. Taking precautions to why these planets had been unheard of, at least to his knowledge, he sent a regiment of guardsmen into the most habital of the world with vegetation, hoping to find a world to which he could use as settlement. Weeks went by and nothing was heard from the lost regiment. Finally, requesting reinforcements for the regiment had undergone a siege as they had dug themselves in trenches trying to get contact from Chapter Master Nasura's Fleet.


"Requesting aid++++STATIC+++++.... Attacked++++++STATIC++++ by enemy astartes forces+++++STATIC+++ Requesting immidiate aid++++ Planet has a name...Eleysia."
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Notes: LukeValantine has been quite generous. I wasn't actually going to be surprised if you whipped the whole regiment out of existance. Anyhow, letting you finish your fluff. I also need to create more of the scenario in my imagination about our two chapters meeting. I think this has a potential of being a pretty swell story line.
Combat Doctrine

Though the Red Fox Chapter has been trained using the Codex Astartes rules when under the training of the Ultramarines, the Red Fox Chapter as a whole is quite selective in terms of equipment and vehichals used in combat.

Squad Components

A squad of Red Fox consists of ten marines one of which is a sergeant. Each marine is equiped with a bolter, bolt pistol, and a finely crafted close combat weapon. The most favored combination of special weapons is often a rocket launcher and a heavy bolter. Having the ability of switching different types of ammunition makes them highly effective against infantry forces. Along with ten marines accompany the same amount of initiates, making each squad double effective. Initiates are often the ones carrying the special weapons and often go on sabatoge missions. If the squad has a transport, more than often the astartes will be the ones riding the transport as the initiates are left with the sergeant to perform support roles.

Fast Attack

One major component that underly used by the Red Fox Chapter is fast attack. The bike and land speeder are completely absent from the chapter. Jump Pack infantry however is commonly used by the first company but is often taken at each companies discretion. The closest thing to a fast attack unit is often used with their razorback transports. No longer used by the chapter for their squad sizes being to large to fit in them. Razorbacks are often used by traveling like sentinel units traveling in three vehichal units. Often these units will take a position far away from the main force picking off the enemy force. These units often carry with them inexperienced initiates that the company has no suitable sergeants that have enough patience with them. They often try to fortify their razorbacks mistakenly thinking they will be able to hold off the enemy. As a result they often drive away in good haste when seeing enough of the enemy force.

Heavy Support

Heavy Support is indeed a key component to the Red Fox Chapter organization. Consisting of ten men each, devastaters play a key role in each company except for the Chapter's First Company. The chapter's devastaters is well known for switching their devastater's fire power during the power to better suit the enemy they are fighting. Sometimes even making their devastaters go on sabotage missions with lighter special weapons. Initiates play no roles in devaster squads. Also having a good arsenal of tanks at their disposal, their most used tank is the whirlwind often having great success with them against tyranid forces. Red Fox vehichals and transports are not driven by astartes but by initiates that have undergone the pit and have not been able to recover by their wounds(sometimes never fully recovering). As an honor they are allowed to drive and support the chapter by driving their vehichals the only except being the Land Raiders.


Unlike other First Companies in other Chapters, the Red Fox 1st Company is unique. It would be the wrong to assume that the member's of the Chapter's First Company are superior to the other elements of the chapter. All who wear the power armor of the Red Fox Chapter are considered veterans. The Red Fox First Company is more of an Elite Organization for a needed purpose. The elements of the First Company consist of Jump Infantry, Land Raiders, and Terminators. And the individuals that join the first company do not regard themselves superior to other astartes in their chapter. Unlike the rest of the force, many do not seek to join their ranks and more often than not, astartes are convinced to join the first company. The majority of the Red Fox Chapter likes where they are and the tactics they use are well embodied inside them. Moving to the first company is like living a different life to them. Though an honor in its own way and not that Red Fox Marines refuse to join the 1st Company; if given the preference, most Red Fox would rather fight using the normal Red Fox doctrine.

Components Unaccounted For

Most Chapters strictly follow the 1000 marines per chapter rule. However, though the Red Fox Chapter does follow these rules, their are certain circumstances and components that the Chapter does not account for. Certain chapter titles are not accounted for in the chapter's number such as apothecaries, techmarines, captains, librarians, chaplains, and the Master himself. Another component of the force not regarded for the number are the Chapter's dreadnoughts and the Foxtrot.

The Call of the Foxtrot

Those that know about this ongoing occurance (which are very few) regard this as a curse much like the wulfen. However, it barely even hits the extremity. Unlike most chapter's heros, the Red Fox Chapter Heros have a problem fighting cohernetly within their units and squads. By Heros I speak of individual marines that perform actions that go way beyond the line and expectations of duty. These "Heros" often go into a brutal yet swift frenzy unlike anything ever seen. These Heros perform great deeds destroying all enemies within their path. Often called "Heros" by most and more than often "Foxtrot", the occurance once started stays installed in the Red Fox Marine perminantly. Losing his ability to fight with the tactics and discipline taught to him. Once the battle is over, the marine will go back to normal. But when the call of battle calls, the eyes of the marine go blue, and some of the hair follecules will often turn red or/and orange. Some rumors even say that they grow fangs. Because the Red Fox Chapter performs best when fighting and working coherently together, any individual performing actions that differenciate from the rest will often result in weakening of the performance of the squad. More than often if this occurance happens in battle, the squad as a whole will let the affected marine go off in his own and reform the battle squad to where it function coherently again. The most technical term for these affected marines is "Foxtrot" but their most respectful term is "Hero or Heros." Because these marines have lost their ability to function within a squad they often work as loners and often scavenge the battle fields looking for more effective close combat weapons. These marines are still fully supported by the Chapter, however are not accounted for in determining chapter strength. A Foxtrot will often follow a particular company into battle performing heroic deeds. More often though Company Captains will try to make them part of their personal guard, however, when the call of battle comes, very little control do they have over the Foxtrot. As such Company Captain's are not allowed to punish Foxtrot for going into battle without their consent.
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Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I think I got too carried away with my favorite character. I always try to put my favorite legion in my stories. But I will take a note of that. Besides, I think that the last guy to find would probably be better left in mystery.

I'll find sometime to fix that part.

Edit: I have changed the character being looked at. Maybe I will give some more fluff on this character later, however, I think for the most part, his whereabouts are best left a mystery. I think its Perturabo's curse that makes this chapter pretty awesome.
Beliefs and the Curse

Though more of a superstition than the truth, there is some rumor between the Imperial Guard forces attached to the Red Fox Chapter. Some say that the Chapter has indeed been tainted by the ruinous powers. The sight of the excellence of the Foxtrot though awesome has been met with uneasiness due to the unnatural talents of these heros.

Those within the Chapter itself have a strong sense of pride and honor of their Chapter being descendents of the Great Rogal Dorn. After their previous regrettable failings in the past, they have almost blindly followed this new crusade as an entirely new chapter with the idea that they are fighting the ultimate fight for redemption. Any notion that they are anything but the most loyal Chapter of the Imperium is often responded by great hostility of the Red Fox Chapter Marines.

Any signs of this curse cannot be proven, as the chapter itself has had its geneseed looked at and studied for any signs of taint. The Chapter has escaped any further investigation by word of Calagar. With the inquisition satisfied, other chapters however do not believe this as they have seen otherwise. The Foxtrot are believed ultimate evidence that these Marines are tainted. However, nothing abnormal of their geneseed has been reported... Though these testiments few, as the Red Fox Chapter operates more or less by itself, this chapter is very mysterious. Perhaps the truth about Perturabo's curse is better left a mystery between the truth and the rumors.

Battle Cry

Unlike most chapters, that yell out their war cry's, the Red Fox Chapter's battle cry is something personal within each Red Fox Marine's heart and soul. It is often murmured though sometimes at the heat of battle they will cry out. "Strength of one... with fury of Dorn!"
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I love the look. Definitely something I pictured my Red Fox Chapter looking like.
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