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Yep, reaper harpoons rock. The ability to pull a heavy or warcaster out of position (and a threat range of 14") is pretty amazing. Hook them in, and let your bane thralls clean up :)

Bane knights and Thralls are both good choices, thralls will rip even heavy jacks apart quickly while being kept safe from shooting by stealth and high arm. Meanwhile, between Ghostly, reach and Vengeance, the the knights can move fast, and attack from unexpected vectors.

For your khardor, you could get a Spriggan if you wanted another Jack - with a shield and reach, it's even harder than the normal Khardor Jack :) I 'd have to think about what you might want for infantry. Men-O-War are hard as, but they're also very slow (having a full SPD4 army can be a hassle). Winterguard are very decent basic troops, especially with the officer attachment, so they might be good for you. Check out the Widow Makers as well - awesome snipers, so you can reach out and touch someone:laugh:.

The other units (doom reavers, assault kommandos, the great bears and so on), can probably wait until you have a little more experience with the system, and you know what what you want out of your army :)
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