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Recomended second army

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I play ogres and now I'm thinking of another army skaven or something like that? Anyone want to help?
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Yes wait for the Rulebook. While looking at the rumours I dont think any armies are really harmed. People thought VC and lizardmen would be with the character caps but now thats its 50% for characters they wont be.
Ogres are getting better with the changes to ranks and attacks for monsters. Although you cant screen with gnoblars anymore.

I collect skaven and they are great fun, there are so many different lists you can put together and they can be active in every phase of the game. The downside is the amount you have to paint.

High elfs are also in the starter box so they could be good as well , while they will be elite like you ogres where would still play quite differently I think.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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