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Recomended second army

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I play ogres and now I'm thinking of another army skaven or something like that? Anyone want to help?
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With the coming of 8th ed it's rumoured that the average game will have around 3000 points. Now with skaven thats a whole lotta troops but also a whole lotta painting and a lot of commitment. Anyone that does put together a full 3000 point skaven army will be rewarded on the table top though. The sheer mass of troops will make them very good

Ogres would be a relatively easy army to get together. Who knows what kind of benifits they will get in the new edition. My guess is that whatever small bonuses they do recieve won't be enough to make them able to compete against the top tier armies. But in friendly games they'll be fine

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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