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Hi all

After something of a rugby-season induced hiatus, I'll likely be coming back to 40k for a bit over the course of the summer holidays (I'm in South Africa, so yes, December is summer)

Here's the thing. Said hiatus extended over much of the time that we've had 6th edition, and overlaps with the release of the new Marine 'dex.

So, I'm left with about 100+ marines in various stages of painting that I'm trying to put into coherent, reasonably effective lists. I also really, really want to try and paint them with squad identifiers, so I'd like to have a "Take all comers" list at around 1850 points or so that's my go-to build. I'm also a student (translation: I have no money to buy more models)

So, I have, as follows:

1 Captain/Master with sword, plasma pistol
1 Captain/Master with power fist, combi-melta, banner
1 Librarian, force sword, bolt pistol
1 Chaplain, crozius, plasma pistol

3 Sergeants, sword, bolt pistol
1 Sergeant, power fist, bolt pistol
1 Sergeant, power fist, combi-plasma
3 Sternguard sergeants (painted), power fist, combi-melta
1 Devastator sergeant, signum, ccw
1 Sergeant, chainsword, plasma pistol
1 Sergeant, bolt pistol, broken chainsword (needs replacing)

1 Assault Sergeant, thunder hammer, bolt pistol
1 Assault Sergeant, power fist, bolt pistol

37 Bolter-armed marines
2 Meltaguns
2 Flamers
3 Plasma guns

3 Plasma Cannons
2 Missile Launchers
2 Multi-Meltas
3 Heavy Bolters
2 Lascannons

6 assault marines, ccw & bolt pistol
2 Assault marines, flamer

27 Sternguard veterans, in process of conversion to all Combi-melta (I think about 5 are done, but can go back to bolter or as many mods as needed)

3 Terminators, power fist, storm bolter
1 Terminator, chainfist, storm bolter
1 Terminator sergeant, power sword, storm bolter
1 Terminator, power fist, assault cannon.
(Cyclone missile launcher in bitz box, can mount on 1 regular termie since I have the "spare")

Land Speeder, Multi-melta, heavy flamer
Land Speeder, 2x heavy bolter

5 drop pods, storm bolter

4 rhinos (in various states of disrepair, in need of serious TLC)

+1 mystery unit, brother owes me a birthday present. Probably assault terminators.

Currently I'm thinking of running either an Imperial Fists CT list with:

Captain (PF, combi-melta)

2 5 man Sternguard squads (PF, 2 combi-melta, Drop pod each)

Assault Terminator squad (When I get it...holding my breath)

2 tactical squads (Power sword, flamer, heavy bolter, drop pod)

Devastator squad (2 LC, 2ML, 10 man, Flakk on missiles)

Devastator squad (3 PC)

Devastator squad (2 MM, drop pod)

Assault squad (Thunder hammer, 2 flamers)

OR an Iron Hands CT list, essentially the same, only:

Captain (Relic blade, plasma pistol)


Sternguard squads meld into 1 10 man squad, same options -1 PF

2 5 man Assault terminator squads (magnetised arms)

3 Tac squads (Power sword, plasma gun, PC, drop pod)

1 5 man tac squad (PF, combi-plasma, melta, drop pod)

Locator beacons on all pods until points cap reached

I've briefly considered Black Templars for their min-max potential as well.

Essentially, I see my chapter as fleet-bound, hence all the drop pods, so I'm some weird mix of competitive and fluffy gamer. I don't like losing all the time, but having a great story is important, too.

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