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Realmgate Wars

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The recent releases in the Realmgate Wars series have me pondering whether I should continue with the series. I did read the first novel, War Storm, and found it ultimately disappointing. But the two newest releases, Wardens of the Everqueen and Warbeast, appear to be full novels and not anthologies.

So I ask, has anyone here read Wardens of the Everqueen and would they recommend it?

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Honestly I tried and tried with this series. I really wanted to like it, I bought 4 of them. Honestly they are terrible. Some moments of glory, like nurgles garden, but so very very few. It's just constant fighting, the stormcasts I found to be just not very interesting. Bolter porn without the bolters. Also found it at times slightly confusing.
On the plus side the limited ed books are lovely at £25 a pop. But genuinely that's about it.
Chatter is that BL realise that they made a boob out of the series and they are trying hard with some new books that will have a bit more depth and world/character building. That all sounds positive and the lack of releases of recent would back this up.
Honestly though it would be a hard sell to get me to try again. I like 30/40k and can usually judge the books I will like or dislike when they come up, so maybe im too stuck in my ways! I still spent £100 on crap, pretty crap but still crap.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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