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well, with only 4 and a half months till astro, i'd like to get my list firmed up so i can build it! :hyper:
i've tried to go for maximum model count and maximum scoring units as in this tourny, killing your opponent means nothing really... at the end of the day, winning & losing is all strait objective based!

i am fairly new to eldar though, so comments and such are welcome!

HQ: Farseer Jolinar w/Shuriken pistol, Witchblade, Ghost helm, Rune armour. Doom.
Cost; 80 pts
*** basically, i want to minimise the pts spent on non-scoring units such as IC's... hense the cheapness! depending on the situation jolinar will either advance within the dire avengers, or else stay back with the firebase.***

Elites: 6 Fire Dragons each w/Fusion gun, Melta bombs.
Cost; 96 pts
Transport: Wave Serpent w/Shuriken cannon, Twin-linked Shiruken cannon.
Cost; 110 pts
*** obviously anti-tank, though i don't know why i even try! (i roll 1's... lots and lots of 1's...)
the serpent is set-up for an anti-infantry role to support the dragons and hopefully stop anything from mugging them!***

Elites: 8 Howling Banshees each w/Banshee mask, Shuriken pistol, Power weapon.
Cost; 128 pts
*** no transport because they can't assault out of it and that's another 100'ish pts sunk into another non-scoring unit!***

Elites: Shadowseer w/Shuriken pistol, CCW, Flip belt, Holo-suit, Hallucinogen grenades. Veil of Tears.
5 Harlequins w/Shuriken pistols & Harlequin kiss.
Cost; 159 pts
*** annoyance plain and simple... hopefully i can get my opponents to waste a couple of units with bad spotting rolls. more or less though i simply want to paint them for my 'favourite model' entry!!!***

Troops: 10 Dire Avengers each w/Avenger Shuriken catapult.
Cost; 120 pts

Troops: 8 Dire Avengers each w/Avenger Shuriken catapult.
Cost; 96 pts
*** my front line. against assault-based armies, i can use the smaller unit as bait if i must? or else i can always 'leap-frog' around and play some cunning bluffs...***

Troops: 10 Guardians each w/Shuriken catapult. Shuriken cannon.
cost; 85 pts
*** sit back and protect the reapers and/or war walkers from assaults. either they can try and get the drop on an assaulty unit and loose off 20+ shots or else they can sacrifice themselves and allow the other shootier units and extra turn or two to compleat the mission's objective.***

Troops: Warlock Kainan w/Shuriken pistol, Singing spear, Rune armour, Destructor.
2 Storm Guardians w/Fusion guns.
9 Storm Guardians each w/Shuriken pistol, Close combat weapon.
cost; 138 pts
*** again a sacrifical unit... they can lend numbers to the banshees/clowns or else just tie up something really nasty for a couple of turns till i can deal with it better!
the spear and fusion guns especially might come in handy as a nasty little surprise...***

Troops: 4 Guardian Jetbikes w/Twin-linked Shuriken catapults.
cost; 88 pts
*** not too sure about these guys? i love bikes, but i'm thinking there might be some better ways to spend those pts???
at any rate, they act as a screen for the spears by forcing 'oodles of target priority tests!***

Fast attack: 4 Shining Spears each w/Laser lance & Jetbike w/Twin-linked Shuriken catapult.
Cost; 140 pts
*** my anti-monstrous creature/daemon prince unit. 8, high 'I', S6 attacks should hopefully cause 4 or so wounds with no save on the charge...***

Heavy Support: 4 Dark Reapers each w/Reaper launcher.
Cost; 140 pts
*** i'd like to try and squeeze in a 5th, but i ran out of pts... i know right now they're perfect for scoring purposes, but i feel i might be lacking a bit of anti-meq...***

Heavy Support: 3 War walkers each w/2 Shuriken cannons.
Cost; 120 pts
*** granted this is a crap set-up for scoring purposes, but at only BS3 i need the extra shots and i prefer the ap5 over the scatter laser's ap6...***

Total; 1500 pts

so, am i barking mad yet?! i figure that simply the sight of 70+ eldar models will at least provide a healthy shock for my opponents as most armies seem to only be about 50'ish...

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