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Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I last posted here. How are we all?

I have very unexpectedly rejoined the hobby after a pulse-buy like decision to jump back into it all.

Having recently delved into my pockets once again, I now have all the gear to get going again (courtesy of Element Games who I thoroughly recommend). Unfortunately I ditched everything when I got out of the hobby two years ago so my shopping list implies I am a starter...

Paint Station, Hobby Starter Set, Layer Paint Set, Shade Paint Set, Fine Detail Brush, Small Drybrush, Standard Brush, Stippling Brush, 2 Water Pots, Paint Palettes, Mould Line Remover, File Set, Super Glue, Plastic Glue, Chaos Black Primer Spray and... Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs.

I'm going to be assembling and painting an Azog's Hunters army over the next year and this thread will follow that project along with any other random side projects I decide to take on.

On my list of wants for the army still to purchase are... 24 Hunter Orcs, 12 Gundabad Orcs (6 spear, 6 sword and shield), Azog, Bolg, Yazneg, Gundabad Orc Captains. That's my short-term list at least.

Another goal of mine with this re-entry to the hobby is to really further my painting skills. I have a lot of areas I can improve in and my key focus will be highlighting and getting these smoother while still adding more intermediate layers.

Note the mold line on the head on the second photo is actually just a thistle of a brush, I only noticed it once I uploaded the pictures. Oops.

I'm going to add some glazes of dark brown, reds, bright orange on the higher points and use purple, blue, green and black in the darkest points to try and darken the armour better.

I have received a few basing materials I ordered. I always enjoyed basing so I look forward to finish the warg rider and testing out my new goodies. The first two are from Army Painter and the last one pictured is from Secret Weapon.


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I have very unexpectedly rejoined the hobby after a pulse-buy like decision to jump back into it all
So you could say it's been an unexpected journey? No? I'll shut the door on my way out.

Seriously though, welcome back. Looking very nice so far, good to see some Hobbit stuff getting love. Will be following this one!
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