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Ravenwing painting + repainting issues.

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Since I got back into Warhammer 40k I've purchased two Ravenwing squads of three. It is very clear that I've done an awful job because trying to paint a model that is primarily black with a black undercoat is posing some difficult issues for me, especially when any minor mistake on black shows up as a glaring error.

So I suppose my question is this, are there any awesome alternative painting schemes that would still allow me to use my Ravenwing as Ravenwing without being considered an alternative chapter? I've seen some reversed colour Ravenwing (White with Dark banner etc) and they look great.

So I'm asking if there are any pictures you all know of that show alternative styles of Ravenwing.

Also I need to repaint my Ravenwing squad since they turned out so awful but I'm unsure as to how I go about separating the fused pieces without making it look bad when I re-glue them back together after repainting. Granted the Dark Vengeance set provided me with both squads but they are primarily affixed together by slotting small pins into the slot opposite and I can't prise them apart. Any advice on how to de-construct these models for repainting would be greatly appreciated.
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Wait! !

Before you strip them take some photos for us. I can't help you diagnose a painting problem unless I can see what you're actually doing.

You say they look awful, but there are many types of awful some worse than others, and sometimes awful is all in the eye of the beholder.
Kreuger speaks the truth - Let's see the models. Maybe we can help.
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