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Ravenor vs Eisenhorn ?

What a real cop out - if they did fight each other.
Eisenhorn bit the bullit many times for the Empire and he knows more than anyone what happens to "Old Inquisitors" who cross the line in the line of duty - he met them and destroyed them.
As a previous post suggested he might get sick of the Ordos' hypocrasy in trying have him branded aposate and just give up - instead clearing his name which he richly deserves.
It makes me sick it really does. They ask him to do there dirty work and then turn on him for it.
As for Ravenor - if he fesses up for the Ordo and turns states against Eisenhorn - like most of Eisenhorns so called friends do - then he will fall in my estimation to a level of cowardly sychophancy that no longer accords him the right to be a worthy hero on any level.
If this is a way for Abnett to simply get of Eisenhorn and his unique legacy and achievments in some low hand crappy way so he never has to write about him again in anyway, then he is no better than the corrupt Ordos he writes about.
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