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Ravenor vs Eisenhorn

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Okay, so I take it many of us know that Dan Abnett has a third inquisition trilogy planned, supposedly told from Bequin's point of view (or something like that). Apparently the mentor and former student are gonna come into conflict and duke it out. Finally, a real heavyweight fight between inquisitors.
As such, I wanted to create a thread to maybe speculate a bit about what kind of plotline the story might have, which characters would be included etc. and also get your opinions on another trilogy.
Would also be interesting to know who you guys think is gonna end up on top.
If I take a guess, I'd have to go to Ravenor but this is purely because at the end of the third Eisenhorn novel it states that Ravenor continued to serve the Inquisition for several centuries after the Pontius affair so, unless there's a really long gap between the second & third trilogy (which I can't really see making much sense), I'm thinking Eisenhorn is going down.
What do you guys think?
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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