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I'd say you'll see the usual charachters, Swole, Nayl, Kys etc all in Ravenors employ. I hadn't heard about the Bequin pov but if she does wake up and Ravenor goes up against Eisenhorn I'm pretty sure she'd side with Eisenhorn if not for their history together than for the purpose of limiting Ravenors psyker advantage. The only other one who may show up for Eisenhorn, apart from Cherubael of course, is Medea as the end of the Eisenhorn trilogy suggests she "died" but continued to be active so maybe faked her death to join Eisenhorn or something but it's a long shot.

Who'd win? In a straight up one on one fight it's gotta be Ravenor due to psyker potential. In a prolonged cat and mouse hunt over a city, planet, system etc then possibly Eisenhorn due to his canniness. Ultimately whoever falls to chaos first will lose as the "bad" guy nearly always winds up dead so that will probably be Eisenhorn if I had to guess.

Still it wouldn't surprise me if Abnett threw a curve ball at us and it was actually Ravenor to fall to chaos and the "served the inquisition gloriously for many years" was a cover.

In any case I can't see it happening for literally years what with Dan's epilepsy and all but I am looking forward to it.

On a side note I'd be hoping for more of Ravenor's dealings with the Eldar to come to light.
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