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I am looking to expand my already huge collection of tyranids. I have a large collection covering all scenarios but now I'm looking to get something into combat quick and i was stuck between the following fast attack choices:

raveners or shrikes (both same points)

Synapse creature (fearless)
More wargear options
Prime can join to boost WS and BS
Jump Infantry (Hammer Wrath)

Main Con: Low armour save

Ravener PRO:
Better Initiative
Better Armour Saves
Aren't slowed by terrain (Beasts)

Main Con: Low leadership when out of synapse (3D6 fallback)

What are peoples experiences and ways of using them, what do harden nid players prefer?

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I am a strong supporter of Raveners, but Raveners as Shrikes have been dropped from my lists. There are better options in the codex - believe it or not but the useless Ripper Swarms have become great.
3x Rippers with Deep Strikes and Spinefist 57pt, I always run two squads - they shoot, usually survive the next phase since they are not high in enemy's target list, then shoot again and tie a unit in CC until back up arrives.

But 5x Raveners with Spinefists and a Red Terror 250pt. Red Terror your Warlord and get the Synapse Trait and they become a 6" Synapse unit. (Just pray some help from the Hive Mind) The shot volume on them and the swallow whole option on Red Terror makes them terrifying. (If you didn't roll to be a Synapse you can comfort yourself with the Ld8 of Red Terror instead of normal 6)

I'd like to use Shrikes, but until Prime can takes Wings to become a Jump unit I don't think they're valid.
If Prime joins the unit they are essentially Warriors with -1 Sv.
I'll try soon a Shrike squad with Boneswords and Spinefists and a normal warrior unit with Prime with the same options see if they are good.

I think I'll use two squads of Raveners in the same match. Just to see how they fare.

If you are out to buy new models for the fast attack slot - buy warriors. They are more versatile and with magnetic wings - they can be warriors in one game and Shrikes in the next, because you won't be building your army around fast attack - they'll be there to support the HQ and Heavy choices and might not be needed in every game.

Also a final note on Raveners: if you happen to fall back from some odd reason - that's not the worrying part. IB Feed is the worrying part.
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