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"Raven Guard Chapter Tactic - Strike from the Shadows: Models in this detachment have the Scout special rule..."

I just want to make sure I have a complete understand of the best way to use this tactic.

I plan on fielding 2 Rhinos with a full 10-man Tactical Squad (Plasma Gun & Combi-plasma). Now this is how I see the deploying/scouting move going.

Deploy 12''......Scout 12''....Move 6''

Now that get's me 30'' down-field on my first turn. Now when it comes to the shooting phase, each Rhino can fire it's Storm Bolter, as it's allow to fire 1 weapon when moving at combat speed, and I can choose to fire 2 weapons from the Rhino's fire points, be it the plasma gun, combi-plasma or bolters. The units shooting out the fire points are treated as if they move as normal that turn. I plan on sitting in the Rhinos until it's best to disembark the whole squad, no need having them out in the open.

Am I missing something here or is this the best way to use this tactic?
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