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A very interesting list indeed! I like it a lot.
However, as it has been said before by myself and others, Shrike is not worth his points. You can get the same loadout on a vanilla captain and have access to more options such as artificer armour while still being cheaper. He is one of the only named characters in the book who has no buffs to the army, just him and a single squad.

I'd be tempted to run librarians with jump packs and roll on telepathy. Invisibility would be really useful for getting some of the jump packs up the board.

As Ntaw says, armour is going to be a real problem for this list. The scouts squads are really odd as well, going for numbers over toys can sometimes work, but feel you could do more with them. Why not try going landspeeder storms with multi-meltas for the naked scouts and give them a meltabomb/combi-melta? Has worked great for me in past. Outflank the storms, rocket on from the side and take the heavy tanks by surprise. If the storms get taken out and you still have some scouts alive, charge in with krak grenades, you should be close enough.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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