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Interesting that Jump troops, being Bulky, cannot be eligible for the Strike From the Shadows Chapter Tactic. Never noticed that before, but it also means that that rule is being sorely under-used in a Scout/Jump army. You have no answer for AV14 outside of four Power Fists, I've ruined armies because of that before. Literally, just a Redeemer left running amok and completely unstoppable. Really, you don't have much anti-armour outside of Krak grenades. I'd include the Scouts with MLs in this, truly I'd rather see some Camo on them than that one BS3 shot that can't even blow a tank up with the luckiest of dice. As long as you're not facing much in the way of AV11+ vehicles this would be a pretty fun list to play.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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