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I was just curious if anyone had considered RavenDeathwingLite...

Here's my thought.

In a Dark Angels army now, you can use the Ravenwing as a delivery system for Deathwing... using scouts and/or Turboboosts to get Deathwing into the enemy's face pretty quick. Then you have all the strength of the Terminators... stormbolts, good saves, power fists, etc.

But here's an idea I was playing with today. It sacrifices quality for quantity... but not as much as you might think.

Take Allied Daemonhunters.

In the Fast Attack role (so obviously you're using Sammael to allow your RW as troops), you can take Teleport Squads. Sure, you lose out on Terminators, but you're still getting storm bolters and Strength 6 CCWs (and a power weapon on the Justicar). Your WS is better, your Initiative is better since you're not using power fists, your firepower is equal. Your saves suffer, but you can have up to 30 of these guys in your troop choices, and the cost is (on guesstimate) less than half each Termie.

Any thoughts?

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I use a Teleport squad when I'm fighting either


Never had much use for power weapons against guard or Nid's, unless the big bugs start to stomp around. But yeah, that seems pretty solid.

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