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Rate of fire

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Hello! I have a question regarding the rate of fire for weapons. If a weapon were to be Assault 2 would that represent a fast firing weapon? Or does the represent how many projectiles/lasers are launcher each time the trigger is pressed. For example: the shotgun is assault 2, so, does that mean each time the trigger is pressed two shotgun balls are launched from the shotgun shell?


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Just figured I'd poke in and give a general outlay of in-game timings...

Most infantry can run about 5mph and sprint 10mph when it's needed. In battle, you don't want to stay out in the open, or sit around like a duck, so you can bet you'll be running to your objective, and sprinting when you're either assaulting or utilising fleet-of-foot. The space marine mini is an inch tall, representing an 8 foot tall warrior. You move infantry 6 inches, representing about 50 feet. 5mph would take you that distance, roughly, in about 6 seconds. So, each turn is about 6 seconds long. You consider each player turn part of the one turn, as it's overlap based on who has the initiative. The average battle, then, would take 36 seconds to conclude itself.

While figuring that in, assault 2 means, every six seconds you get two effective shots off if you're in range and not locked down in melee. You run 100 feet in six seconds if you're assaulting and can only snap off a single pistol shot, or, with that assault 2, can unload a wad of buckshot in someone's face(s) before curb-stomping them for their impetulence for opposing you. If you have a storm bolter, they fire double the rate of a bolter, but their rounds are actually a smaller caliber than bolters (.50cal, instead of .75). As such, they get off the same number of effective shots while you're spraying them as you sprint forward, as a bolter would if you were standing still, though the slower rate of fire means firing the bolter or storm bolter past 12", the hail from the storm will have more of an effect...

Eenywho. Just try to remember, despite being an abstract of the real thing that takes five hours to resolve, a real 1750 pts battle unfolding would take less than a minute and be a terribly fast-paced bloody mess.
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