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Yeah, I dunno, I think you could use a Stealth Rock with your pokemon lineup there...

Ahem. I would probably go with 16 Horrors rather than 20--the extras are some guarantee against losing warp charge sooner, but... still, not too important, honestly.

I prefer Daemonettes with a Herald of Slaanesh with Beguilement to Bloodletters with a Herald of Khorne with Wrath. Beguilement rerolls hits always, not just the first round of combat, and Daemonettes can Rend to AP2 with their handfuls of attack dice--Bloodletters are just reliant on their AP3 weight of S4 attacks (S5 with Furious Charge, true), so struggle against, say, T8 Wraithknights, Terminators, etc. Daemonettes can kill virtually anything (except heavy heavy tanks); Bloodletters can kill a few things about as well. Plus that Herald of Slaanesh can take a Steed of Slaanesh or something, in order to Outflank those Daemonettes and get them up the board without taking as many turns of shooting.

My big concern with the list is the plaguebearers. They... are great defensively, but Daemons are a melee army who can't rely on enemies coming to them. Plaguebearers are Slow and Purposeful, and Infantry, so are dead slow as they cross the board--and if you try to Deep Strike them, they can't run to spread out and avoid enemy templates coming their way. I really like their combination of Touch of Rust and Poisoned, but... I can't quite justify taking them based on their total lack of mobility.

Slaanesh are bad lol
That's funny, the Grey Knights (you know, the dedicated daemon hunters who are rerolling 1s to hit and wound against us) I regularly smack down with my Seekers and Daemonettes beg to differ.

Still, a decent list: I just worry that it struggles to close the distance with enemies before those enemies have shot you to pieces.
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