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Fantasy Rumors
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here is mine

The Betrayer: Roboute Guilliman / Ultramarines

Jaghatai Khan / White Scars - Traitor Chaos Undivided
Leman Russ / Space Wolves - Traitor - Blood God, Khorne
Sanguinius / Blood Angels- Traitor -Changer Of Ways, Tzeentch
Lorgar / Word Bearers - Traitor - Chaos Undivided
Corax / Raven Guard- Traitor - Chaos Undivided
Perturabo / Iron Warriors - Chaos Undivided
Mortarion / Death Guard - Traitor - Grandfather Nurge (same)
Vulkan / Salamanders - Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh

Fulgrim / Emperor's Children - Loyal
Lion El’Jonson / Dark Angels - Loyal
Konrad Curze / Night Haunter / Night Lords - Loyal
Rogal Dorn / Imperial Fists -Loyal
Magnus the Red / Thousand Sons - Loyal
Angron / World Eaters- Loyal
Horus / Luna Wolves - Loyal
Alpharius / Omegon / Alpha Legion -Loyal
Ferrus Manus / Iron Hands - Loyal

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Practise the Lorgar heresy
Lorgar is the arch heretic Word Bearers Khorne
Emperor’s Children =H Khorne
White Scars =H Tzeentch
Space Wolves = L
Blood Angels = H Undivided
World Eaters = L
Ultramarines = L
Thousand Sons = L
Word Bearers = H
Raven Guard = L
Dark Angels = H Slannesh
Iron Warriors = H Khorne
Sons of Horus = L
Night Lords = L
Iron Hands = H Nurgle
Death Guard = L
Imperial Fists = H Undivided
Salamanders = H Nurgle
Alpha Legion =L

i will do more on this soon

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The Betrayer: Konrad Curze / Night Lords-undivided

Jaghatai Khan / White Scars - Slaanesh
Leman Russ / Space Wolves - Tzeentch
Sanguinius / Blood Angels -Nurgle
Lorgar / Word Bearers - Slaanesh
Corax / Raven Guard - Chaos Undivided
Perturabo / Iron Warriors - Chaos Undivided
Alpharius / Omegon / Alpha Legion-Khorne
Rogal Dorn / Imperial Fists- Chaos Undivided
Angron / World Eaters-Tzeentch
Roboute Guilliman / Ultramarines-undivided

Fulgrim / Emperor's Children - Loyal
Lion El’Jonson / Dark Angels - Loyal
Magnus the Red / Thousand Sons - Loyal
Horus / Luna Wolves - Loyal
Ferrus Manus / Iron Hands - Loyal
Mortarion / Death Guard-loyal
Vulkan / Salamanders-loyal

.....Night lords seemed to have been VERY persuasive....

Also...World eaters and Space wolfs....a about face literately and decided sorcery was the way to go....

Alpha Legion.....decided to abandoned stealth for glory!!!!

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The Vulkan Heresy - All is ash!

Salamanders (Undivided)
Ultramarines (Slaanesh)
Raven Guard (Tzeentch)
Dark Angels (Undivided)
Blood Angels (Undivided)
Night Lords (Khorne)
Death Guard (Undivided)
Imperial Fists (Nurgle)
Alpha Legion (Undivided)

Word Bearers
World Eaters
Iron Warriors
Iron Hands
White Scars
Thousand Sons
Luna Wolves
Space Wolves
Emperor's Children

Okay, Vulkan was elected warmaster for his unbreakable will and ability to complete a task at any cost, but the Lion'El Johnson, who had secretly been corrupted by the forces of Chaos, taught him of these dark powers. He called Guilliman, Corax, and Alpharius for a meeting, and taught them of these dark powers. Guilliman swore to prepare the Imperium for Chaos, Corax offered to seek out more knowledge of these mysterious powers, and Alpharius placed agents in other legions, hoping to sway them to the influence of the Dark Gods. The Ultramarines obsession with making themselves, and the Imperium, as great and powerful as possible led them to follow Slaanesh, the Ravens Guards desire to been unseen and to outwit the enemy led them to Tzeentch, the Night Lords desire to cause as much fear and destruction as possible led them to Khorne, and Dorn turned to Nurgle for the resiliency only he could offer. Gonna have to make a thread for this.
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