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Frost Grave/Mordheim/Realms of Chaos/Witch Hunter

Its all Guerrilla Miniature Games fault.

I have always loved fantasy skirmish games, going all the way back to hero quest. Mordheim was always a favourite and a while ago I got hold of the realms of chaos books. When age of Sigmar hit I got a bit excited and started thinking about Mordheim again but other stuff kept getting in the way.
I recently watched some bfg battle reports on Ash’s GMG channel and saw he had some battle reports for frost grave. I decided that although its always going to be a slow background project that I would start making some of the fantasy conversions I have had planned, some of them from when bitz ordering was still a thing. As with much of what I make I will be aiming for multi duty models that can be used in Mordheim, frost grave and realms of chaos, it wont always work but that’s ok, I just want to make some cool stuff :)

Bruticus’ throne of bones is an excellent thread where warbands of undead in a huge catacomb complex fight for the rights to a throne of power. As ever my own Mordheim projects weren’t far from my mind whilst reading his plog and so I ordered some vampire bits about three seconds after leaving his thread.

The recent GMG Youtube mojo meant I finally busted them out of their boxes and did some quick test poses

This guy will be a vampire (doh!) in Mordheim and a knight in frost grave or a vampire encounter.
I have plans for him on a horse as well because it should look a bit more imposing, hopefully frost grave will include rules for mounts at some point

This guy is something I have wanted to make since the new krell came out, he is based on my username, radu lykan, its the name of a character from the necroscope books, hes a mix of werewolf and vampire and he likes to think all the other vampires are scared of him. With the quick head swap he works as a vampire for Mordheim and a templar for frost grave

This will end up as a thief for frost grave and another vampire for Mordheim. Wanted to do a lahmian but one that in the heat of battle has dropped the facade of beauty and let the beast come out to play

Actually did a bit more than a blu tac test pose on this guy, obviously still early wip but am extending his robes to give him a similar sized silhouette as the other vampires, he will represent the necrarch bloodline and be the wizardy leader of the vampire warband for frost grave. Am aiming for a floaty ethereal vibe with him to reinforce the magical aspect because wizard

Whilst looking in the shed for the vampire stuff I came across the parts I bought ages ago to convert a load of wheel of time characters to slot into my fantasy empire. A quick bit of sawing and more test poses happened

This is my templar for frost grave. He’s a bit tall at the moment due to the angle of the cut but I kind’ve like the idea that hes a monster of a man

This is my knight for frost grave. Currently thinking the spear head needs to be a bit beefier? The shaft seems too thick for such a dainty blade? Also needs a nicer shield

This lovely lady might stay a hired sword for Mordheim as she doesn’t fit the professional soldier look I am aiming for with the human frost grave warband. Am considering magnetising her right wrist so she can make the journey from archer through tracker to ranger in frost grave if I don’t find a suitable replacement

My rand al thor fire wizard is mounted on a horse and I painted him a loooong time ago. So long in fact that the pics arent on my pc or memory stick. I will try to dig him out at some point for pics but the horse rules him out of frost grave for now so a newer version on foot might be in order, lets see what eBay turns up.

Another possible Mordheim warband I have done minimal work on was bretonnians, a while back I found the old white dwarf game full tilt. A quick conversation with my brother in law led to a challenge, paint up a knight in your family heraldry then they can duke it out. This petered out after we bought a box of knights but a similar community thread on the ammo bunker forum led to it getting rekindled and actual paint happened! Found out I don’t like painting white cloth and he got shelved, hopefully this plog will see him finished. My fluff for his warband is centred around a future witch hunter(fantasy inquisitor) campaign so am currently thinking he will get a dismounted model so he sees more use.

hoping to have some fun with this, if anyone else wants to post anything similar they are doing in here i wont mind stealing your ideas :)

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Looks like some interesting work you've go going on there, no idea on the actual games your on about but will do a quick google. As to helpful comments there isn't much only that spearman whos spear you don't like thinking either a green stuff bill hook on the back side or maybe just start ne and go for a Halbert.
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