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Quick question pre-army listing

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Just had a question before i posted an army list for Chaos Marines. i wanted this answered so id din't look like a total dummy. is it at all acceptable to use each of the cults in a chaos army (around 1500 points) or is it really best to pick 1 or 2 and maybe some vanilla to fill your army out with? (omitting oblits or termies or chosen, bikers, etc. really referring to troops) i.e. is it ok to field all the cults or do other FoC spots really cover things for you? my reason for asking is b/c i'd like to make a versatile army and i guess i'm asking is it ok to do that via the several troop styles or is there a better way to cover versatility? again this is for a 1500ish point army. any advice in this matter is greatly appreciated! (also let me k now if i wasn't very clear in my question, as i wasn't exactly sure how to ask it in the first place and i'll try again to explain if need be)
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Rules-wise, it is perfectly acceptable.

Fluff-wise, it might need an explanation of why a small number of each Cult were together but is possible.

Using different troops for different things is a valid strategy (the Eldar are heavily based around it). How effective it is with CSM will depend partially on your plan for using them.
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