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To add to the above answers.

2. Bear in mind, cover is on a model-by-model basis. So if that one model is touching the ruin and the rest of the unit is outside, they get no cover save.

8. Yeah, this one is a mess. By RAW, any models under the blast marker/template are hit. So shoot the top floor of a 5-story ruin and models on any floor underneath the attack are hit. I'm hoping they will FAQ this back to the single floor, but the complete omission of anything like that in the main rules leads me to believe that it will not happen.

Building walls. Unless you state pre-game that they are impassable, then yes, just a difficult terrain test and move through.

Going to disagree with the 'can't stand/can't fit' statement. Some terrain is just built so that a model cannot stand on it. Rubbled floors, sloped hills, etc etc. Looks pretty but makes moving/placing models a real pain. Many a game I've had to lay a model on it's side to mark it's position because the terrain did not allow it to stand upright, even tho it was clearly a spot that the model could move through or to. Pretty much, if it was not declared impassable pre-game, then it can be moved onto or through.

Tight spots. Not sure I understand this one. Tight spots as in impassable terrain on either side? Difficult terrain on either side? What?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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