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Unless it is impassable terrain, any model should be able to go through the spot, even vehicles, with a difficult terrain test. Determine before then game what is considered impassable terrain. If it bothers you a ton try to get buildings walls to be considered impassable terrain. See page 21 for moving through anything but impassable terrain.

Models can't move through other models except with things like jump packs, page 18. You choose the order to move them and must maintain coherency with other already moved models, although form my reading you move an entire unit at a time so it is hard to say about within a unit's movement if they are allowed to move past each other.

Models with their bases overlapping, I would view as a big no-no. If they don't fit on the battlements then they don't fit. If they could be within 6" up to down of their unit then maybe they could stand outside the building, but battlements count as being "in" the building sort of as far as occupying it/owning it, so that is still probably not permitted.

The model half on half off a ledge can be a 1/2" for small models and quite a bit more for things like walkers. Unless it is impassable terrain then they can go through or up, so how do you determine their final placement? Do you just average it to it is more up so put the entire thing on the top ledge gaining range? That is probably a pregame just talk about which way you do it for everything.

As far as models not being able to stand up I have some Adepta Sororitas Seraphim that are very top heavy and fall over at even slight angles. Page 20 of the rules covers the wobbly model syndrome.
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