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Hey Guys,

I have a few questions regarding 7th edition rules as I have yet to buy the new rule book… After getting the BRB for 5th and 6th the 7th is going to get eBayed ahhhh.

So here they are (please back up with rules):
1. Can a Monstrous creature put a tiny part of their base on a ruin and gain a cover save from it, even though its basically in the open (don’t need 25%)?
2. Can a small (infantry base) barley touch a ruin, but be completely in the open and still get a cover save as well?
3. I think I know this, but does ignore cover sv. weapons, still ignore jink?
4. Do I now have to declare if I am going to jink, before he even rolls his shooting?
5. Can someone give me a breakdown of fast skimmer movement and still shooting?
6. How does fearless work in combat now? No fearless checks, and still no falling back or getting swept? (I always hated this rule, it’s the worst rule in the game… auto passing all these checks… make some armies just ignore a large portion of rules entirely.)
7. Can you run, then embark in a transport if in range?
8. Does blast (large & small) hit multiple levels of a building, or just the level it was fired at?

Few other questions:
· My buddy I game with tends to move his units straight through solid building walls where there are no openings, a lot. Now he rolls for movement, but in my mind I don’t think a unit should be able to do that logically. What do you think?
· He also tends to place models in places (on terrain) where they can’t actually stand, and even fall over and/or move units though tight spots where model bases can’t fit. This is usually because he is hugging terrain.
· Now he has “corrected” me a lot these days (after almost every game) about little rules (mostly tweaks to 7th), and that movement stuff above didn’t bother me, but it’s starting to get on my nerves a bit, so should I tell him not to do that stuff anymore and do I have any rules to back it up… he is a stickler for rules.


Troy Buckle

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Well its things like, 10 dudes on the top level of a building with a few of them having their bases overlapping. Moving through spaces where bases can’t fit without a terrain test. Also, I just think if your 28mm scale base can’t stand in that spot without toppling over then it can’t stand there… I’m sorry but that marine can’t stand on top of the tailfin of that crashed ship… move him down a back a half inch…so what if he is then out of range lol its one bolter... These are little things I know, but it being stretched for range and cover purposes and he always brings very competitive list as it is to our “friendly games”

Maybe it’s just that I am use to paying with my old buddies who put a bit more logic into the interpretation of the rules lol.
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