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Heresy Betrayal, Heresy Massacre and Heresy Extermination are campaign books, comprising the Isstvan Trilogy. They tell the story of the Horus Heresy so far and detail the various legions. They're filled with awesome fluff and beautiful art. They also contain army lists, scenarios, unit rules as they were released. Book 1 has the generic 30k army list.

The Crusade Army list collects all the previously released generic rules, units and army lists found in the three campaign book into one volume. It has everything game and rule related you need for 30k battles and armies.

The Isstvan Campaign Legions book has the rules for the legion specific units released so far.

Neither has the special Isstvan scenarios or campaigns and are purely game/rule orientated.

So if you want a Blood Angels/Flesh Tearers 30k army then i'd advise you to buy the Crusade Army list book - this will let you play a generic 30k Space Marine force. When it comes out then get the campaign book featuring the Blood Angels so you can pour over their fluff, organisation, colour schemes, famous battles and character. It will also have rules for the Blood Angels legion specifically.
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