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I'm wriing a pach for Sanctus Reach that fixes bugs and adds elite units. I realise that the rules for Sanctus Reach are nothing like the tabletop game but generally things do work in the same way.

Pistols can be used against adjacent targets and get a 10% accuracy buff at this range rather than the massive accuracy nurf most weapons get, until the Sons Of Cadia expansion came out and included plasma pistols. When I allowed them to shoot adjacent targets they didn't get the 10% accuracy increase so I'm wondering if it's even a bug. Should it be...
A) Can't shoot adjacent targets.
B) Can shoot adjacent targets but without the 10% accuracy increase that other pistols get.
C) Can shoot adjacent targets with the 10% accuracy increase just like other pistols.

Also for the elite versions of the knights would it make sense accoring to the lore to reskin them just to make the colour different or do their markings denote their house which denotes their colour scheme?
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