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out of that list
dreadnoughts = keep them closecombat only and send them tank hunting very cheap and tough.
possesed = are just not cost effective at this point in the game but hang around they will change it eventually they always do.( however they may not change it for the better)
Raptors = kick ass looking models i own a squad just becasue they look so cool. i have yet to ever have them earn their points back though so keep them for days when you want to break the monotny of spamming berzerkers and plague marines.
Bikers = once upon a time they had what was known as the daemon bomb speed your bikers straight to a problem area and out pops the greater daemon(Bloodthirster) however those days are gone while you can still do a daemon bomb of sorts it is not as effective due to the generic Greater daemon and he has to be able to roll for deepstrike( not as realiable) that being said the bikers can now get a toughness of 6 if you take the Icon of nurgle i dont know about you but that just sounds fun to me haha. will they earn their points back give them meltas and probably so. will they look cool hell yeah.
remeber if you not playing the game to win money at tourneys then their is no reason for you not to have a blast and play the coolest looking choices the game has to offer.( and just maybe your friend will buy some other stuff that he doesn't like and you will get a killer deal on later. i say support this guy he sounds like a good investment haha)

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