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question on equipping SM vet tankhunting squads

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Greetings all:

essentially, I've got a vet tankhunter squad with multi-melta (I know a lascannon is probably better, but I've GOT a multimelta) and was thinking of putting it in a razorback with lascannons; just wondering what you thought the best combo for the sergeant would be - and indeed the spare special-weapon trooper?

I was thinking power-fist and plasma for the serge, but I'm scared of overheat... so maybe combi-melta? No ideas for the spare trooper...

Thanks in advance.
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Hmm, thanks for the suggestions, some things to think on...

I like the master-crafted plasma pistol idea, neat, and take the point about lack of two ccw for the serge; not sure if I really want them in assault anyway however.

I figured on them being dedicated tankhunters, which is why I was thinking of a Razorback with lascannons. Good point about the Rhino and its hatches however. On the other hand, at 20 points a pop for the rest of the squad including krak, without gaining any more tankbusting power, I might be better off sticking to my 6 guys in the Razorback plan...

Not sure if a librarian is best suited to the role of tankhunter supreme, I could be wrong.

BTW, nightmarine, I think your avatar is awesome and cool. Just sat here for about 3 minutes staring, instead of reading/typing.

thanks all for the suggestions... keep em coming!
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dakari-mane said:
... I would also upgrade the vet sarge to an apothacary...
Can't do this as don't have the necessary trait, I'm afraid.

cccp_one said:
...a bolt pistol is only one point so there isnt a lot to lose...
That's an interesting point. I'd assumed that it was free -

'a sergeant may replace his bolter for a bolt pistol and ccw for free'; sergeant gains term. honours, but as far as can see, keeps weapons; swaps ccw for Fist (and pays points of course, but keeps bolt pistol).

I've always assumed the 1-pt cost was for characters who don't come with 'standard' weapons, eg commanders.

Any opinions on this, anyone?
Yeah, that's what I was thinking; first tun, move them in the razorback to the most advantageous position I can, offload them, use the razorback as a 'tank-lite' and hit the opposition's heavy armour with multi-melta, plasma gun and plasma pistol (maybe) and use the lascannons on the razorback to take out the same, or possibly a second, target.

Also run a dev. squad with 4 missile-launchers at the same time, either krakking more armour or fragging big wedges of troops.

"...in theory..."
more or less in reverse order:

Initiate and 2 dev squads; no problem (except getting another multi-melta and 2 lascannons, which is only like, financial);

Dakari-Mane and tankhunting devs; not possible I'm afraid, traits are already decided, so only vet skills for vets (and command squads I suppose);

- and razorbacks in general; I really do take the point about the limitations of razorbacks, but I don't agree they're all that expensive, and importantly they don't take up any force-org slots (this is a really good reason for taking them, IMHO - and it IS humble this time - I do like 'IMNAAHO', tho'!). True the unit will take fire, but I'm hoping that the razorback will draw some of that, and also the approx 10-11 other units I have on the table;

- on alternatives; yes, I plan on having 'at least' one squad in a rhino for a forward rush on objectives, and in theory a 6-man dev squad in a razorback is cool. I'll try to re-write an alternative list for that bit and see how it works, ta.

Jacobite on melta-guns; sorry I didn't respond before, yes I like the idea of a melta gun, the reason I was running with a plasma gun is I think I have one lying around in my bits box, and I'm trying to keep costs down (hence not being terribly keen to buy more devs, rather than making the best of what I've got!)

Thanks all for help and input, keep it coming, it may take time for me to ork (sorry I mean 'work'... I think) through replies but I am reading it all, and thinking it through!

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