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question on equipping SM vet tankhunting squads

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Greetings all:

essentially, I've got a vet tankhunter squad with multi-melta (I know a lascannon is probably better, but I've GOT a multimelta) and was thinking of putting it in a razorback with lascannons; just wondering what you thought the best combo for the sergeant would be - and indeed the spare special-weapon trooper?

I was thinking power-fist and plasma for the serge, but I'm scared of overheat... so maybe combi-melta? No ideas for the spare trooper...

Thanks in advance.
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if youre scared of overheat, leave plasma at home. also, a combi bolter rather than a bolt pistol wont give you the bonus attack for 2 CCW.

give the sergeant terminator honours, a fist, and a bolt pistol. and id probably give the special weapons guy a plasma gun.
being a fairly valuable squad they are more than likely gonna end up being assualted, ao the extra attack is well worth the points. a bolt pistol is only one point so there isnt a lot to lose.
I've always assumed the 1-pt cost was for characters who don't come with 'standard' weapons, eg commanders.
no, youre right. too long playing with the guard im afraid!
if you have a lascannon/plasma squad you arent gonna be moving them, so movement and shizz isnt too much of a problem. you could use the razorback for mobile cover etc if you had to.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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