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question on equipping SM vet tankhunting squads

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Greetings all:

essentially, I've got a vet tankhunter squad with multi-melta (I know a lascannon is probably better, but I've GOT a multimelta) and was thinking of putting it in a razorback with lascannons; just wondering what you thought the best combo for the sergeant would be - and indeed the spare special-weapon trooper?

I was thinking power-fist and plasma for the serge, but I'm scared of overheat... so maybe combi-melta? No ideas for the spare trooper...

Thanks in advance.
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well, i would give them a rhino instead to allow you to shoot out of it. If you are looking for an assaultable squad, do what i do. Give the commander a power fist and a combimelta. use the bolter in everything except the turn you plan to assault. then its a meltagun and assaultable with. (pretty nice huh?) the other guy should get a meltagun. rush the rhino up the field with the melta guys demolishing anything that can shoot (preferably tanks) just remember that when you do shoot from the top it make the rhino open topped for the turn, but i think its worth it for the extra firepower. With the combi-melta and power fist your commander comes out to be 55 points. a pretty good buy for a fist and melta. i would suggest giving him terminator honors if possible. that extra attack could be a tank pounder :). GL
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lol never thought of that...but then again, unill the near future my army has no plasma weapons besides 2 pistols. but master crafting is 15 points and not something i have extra every game, but if u have the points, a great buy! Also think about mastercrafting a librarians force weapon then using might of heroes. fun times. XD
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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