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question on equipping SM vet tankhunting squads

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Greetings all:

essentially, I've got a vet tankhunter squad with multi-melta (I know a lascannon is probably better, but I've GOT a multimelta) and was thinking of putting it in a razorback with lascannons; just wondering what you thought the best combo for the sergeant would be - and indeed the spare special-weapon trooper?

I was thinking power-fist and plasma for the serge, but I'm scared of overheat... so maybe combi-melta? No ideas for the spare trooper...

Thanks in advance.
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I'd take a melta-gun over a plasma-gun personally and go with the MC Plasma pistol for the Serge. That way your forced to get up nice and close to be effective but when you are, just watch that metal melt.

I'm a little hazy on current vechile rules so somebody please confirm. If you can fire those Lascannons on the Razor while moving at full speed I'd take the Razorback. However if you can't when moving at full speed I'd take the Rhino as if you buy those Lascannons you want to be using them as much as possible and if you moving the entire time and can't shoot its quite a large waste of points.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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