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Question on Chaos Play Styles

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Hi, i played WH40k some years ago and i've slowly gotten back into it with friends. i used to play orks more so than chaos (i got them at the tail end of us not playing) but they're what i'd like to play mainly now. I was just trying to look into strategies of playing them/building an army. I'll say what i know here and if anyone can tell me in better detail or refer me somewhere it'd be greatly appreciated. **side note** i was never in competitive play nor did we play so heavily that i'd know all the current strats. when it comes down to it, i'm probably a very simple player lol anyway.

What i know about the Chaos: from what i can tell by just reading and very little play of them under my belt with them they can be extremely versitile in play. either CC oriented or stationary either with sturdy units or nice firepower or a bit of both for an all around army play style (special weapons excluded from what i'm saying) other than that i'm a bit lost on concrete tactics or make-ups. I would think you could play a fast-attack style army (raptors, rhinos, etc) or a stand back and fire army. and that being said, from what i've read it seems like you can Mark up anyone and everyone w/ w/e Marks you'd like (given they can have one of course) and theres no requirment to do so short of them being able to is this correct? (if i'm not mistaken unlike the old rules to some extent where i think your chaos lord had to bear the same mark or something?)

Anyway thats about as much as i know off hand. again any strats, play styles, tactics would be greatly appreciated. i'd just like to find a play style that fits and i know the chaos can provide it. thanks in advance!
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