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The internet seems to be advocating large blocks of troops to make them steadfast... and everyone says "you need that 5th rank"

But at the same time everyone is bitching about how "broken" magic is now...

So, given that you see a number of spells now that will pretty much NUKE a unit and you'll have a very difficult time stopping it.... Here are some thoughts.....

1. Do you think this will cause the game to shift towards running more units at the expense of unit size? (ie, if you run 2 units of 25 vs 1 unit of 50 - dwellers won't hurt you as bad cause you're mitigated your risk by not running a mega block)

2. How viable is that big "uber unit" when they can get popped pretty easily by devastating magic that you really can't stop reliably? Do you think the changes to magic will cause a decline in the character heavy pointsink blocks?
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