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depends from which army the power claws are from. because i've heard them used in space marine chapters and they have a power field. so if it was he SM power claw versus powere fist then power claw would win in my opinion because it is much more light and flexible so you could get in a few quick strikes while the power fist flails wildly trying to hit you with it being very heavy.
I think you mean Lightning Claws, which are indeed faster than Power Fists in tabletop.

...with what Fenge was saying about the dark heresy maybe they had access to better technology which made the power fists out of lighter but stronger materials so they could be swung faster and harder than a powerfist given to a space marine or an imperial officer.
I believe Fenge is referring to Dark Heresy RPG rather than the historical period.

In terms or rules form either system a Lightning Claw is more manoeuvrable than a Powerfist so you could indeed get in a few quick strikes
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