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I have never play a single game of 40K so I was wondering what is it like?

To be more specific, what do you get for winning (bragging rights?) and how do you feel when you lose? I remember some people even give away their least favorite miniature if they lose (do they still do this?).

Do people go ape crazy when they lose like CS players and cards players? I don't go ape crazy but I'm not happy when I lose at cards or someone shot me in CS (counter-strike) when he has only 1 HP (hit point) left.

Tell me if I'm wrong or not, but if I were to play 40K, I want to win but I wouldn't care too much if I lose, especially if my army is fully painted and I just enjoy playing the game. I can't say the same for cards and counter-strike because I don't spent lot of hours painting my army and adding all the bits galore to each one and making them all look unique in their own rights.

I think it probably the only game where I would not be too sad if I lose as I probably spent more of my time looking at my miniatures as well as my opponent or opponents and probably daydream midway when it not my turn :hang1:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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