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Question about playing 40K?

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I have never play a single game of 40K so I was wondering what is it like?

To be more specific, what do you get for winning (bragging rights?) and how do you feel when you lose? I remember some people even give away their least favorite miniature if they lose (do they still do this?).

Do people go ape crazy when they lose like CS players and cards players? I don't go ape crazy but I'm not happy when I lose at cards or someone shot me in CS (counter-strike) when he has only 1 HP (hit point) left.

Tell me if I'm wrong or not, but if I were to play 40K, I want to win but I wouldn't care too much if I lose, especially if my army is fully painted and I just enjoy playing the game. I can't say the same for cards and counter-strike because I don't spent lot of hours painting my army and adding all the bits galore to each one and making them all look unique in their own rights.

I think it probably the only game where I would not be too sad if I lose as I probably spent more of my time looking at my miniatures as well as my opponent or opponents and probably daydream midway when it not my turn :hang1:
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if you go absolute bat*@?: crazy when you win/lose people may not be interested in playing against you again. Especially if you brag a lot.
Some people don't mind but you should expect a lot in return.

There are mainly two types of player:

1)WAAC stands for Win At All Costs. This type of player does exactly what it says on the tin- bullshits you with every broken character/psychic power that they can lay their hands on untill they've won. Then tells you that they've won. And then tells you that they've won. Then finds out that you won.

2) the other type of player is the recreational player who plays for the fun of the game and the hobby side of this... well hobby. They will build lists around a special character or a certain aspect of their army (for instance the death guard army list). They don't especially mind if they lose but hate losing streaks and being bullshitted by the latest SM dex. These are the people who like to make up house-rules and home-brew fluff to add more flavour into their force or battles and who buy models for the look of the model rather than the gameplay advantage of having it in their force.

I think that you fit into the second category.

Warhammer of both types (there's another type?) is a unique hobby and game in that it is very easy to get attached to your army which doesn't really happen with things like CS and chess as you spend much more time preparing with warhammer and any army has more character than a chess set (apart from that stupid 'Paper Waaagh' bullshit) so my tip to you is just get out there and have fun! As long as you tell the person that you are playing against that it is your first game then they will be easy on you and should be a good experience for both of you.

Good luck!:victory:
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This is a gross oversimplification.

1) WAAC gamers - People that will do anything including cheating to win a game, generally act like jerks and are no fun at all to play against. These people often get all kinds of upset if they lose. WAAC players generally care only for the gaming aspect of the hobby and rarely spend much time on the other aspects at all.

2) Competitive gamers - People that play to win and will always try their best. These players will write the most powerful army lists they can and will seek to use smart tactics to win their games. Unfortunately these players are often confused with WAAC gamers because people can't see the difference between someone that needs to win to have fun and someone that tries their best to win. Competitive gamers may or may not be interested in the non-gaming aspects of the hobby.

3) Casual players - Most people fit into this category. These types are generally more concerned with using units that they like or those that they already own and are less concerned with creating the most powerful army list possible. These types generally enjoy the non-gaming aspects of the hobby equally, if not more so than actually playing the game.

4) Fluff/Hobby gamers - People that are more occupied with the hobby side of the things, or those that are more interested in the fictional background behind the game than playing the game itself. These kinds of players may never actually play a game and might spend all of their hobby time assembling, converting and painting models or reading novels, Codecies and websites for background information.

There's nothing wrong with the last three categories of gamer. It's perfectly possible for people in categories 2-4 to co-exist. Unfortunately category 2 players are often mistaken for category 1 players by those in categories 3 and 4 so there tends to be all kinds of internet (and sometimes real life) drama about it.
I think I understand what you mean...

Personally I see WAAC players as just an extreme of competitive players. However, there is very litle difference between the two types lists and both types are actively trying to win from the word 'go'. I do see the divide though as a competitve player wins because their list works well as a whole and they made good army selections whereas a WAAC player wins because they bullshit you with the most beardy shit they could scrape together.

From your reaction I think that you fall under the category of 'competitive player'

Or I could be completely wrong in that I was right in the first place and competitive players are just WAAC players who call themselves competitive players to make themselves feel better?

If I'm a bit sour it's because it's 1am.
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