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I am thinking of getting a tshirt made up for Games Day, and I want to take an image, and make my own version of this.

Now what I would like to know, is, can I take an image of something GW and put it straight onto the shirt? Or is this infringment?

Or, the same applies to, if I make another version of it (in flash for instance), then apply it to the shirt. Do the same rules apply even though its an image made by me...

Or does it even matter at all since I'm not going to be selling them out to people?

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IP and Copyright pretty much work like this :
You can not use or alter any property owned by games workshop, be it for profit or not, without written consent from them.

Basically anything on their website, their box and codex arts, book covers etc you are not allowed to use. If you take say a codex cover picture and change some colors etc on it to make it unique you are actually committing a crime if you use it for anything other than personal use. Putting it on a T-shirt even if for personal use would still be fraudulent. I cant go print out a popular t-shirt picture and iron it to a t-shirt even if its for personal use.

Basically it has to be created by you, from scratch, you can use GW property for inspiration but you are not allowed to copy it.

If you were to draw a codex cover in MS paint and put it on a t-shirt GW wouldnt mind but if you just printed the picture and put it on GW could get a bit touchy about it.
Then again they would have to know about it to take action.

Id say do whatever you like as long as you only create 1 t-shirt, more could be considered for commercial gain. I dont know if GW have people walking around looking for copyright infringing stuff at Games Day but I do know they are a bit touchy when it comes to their IP.
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