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Question About... *gulp* Kaldor Draigo...

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So, I know this characters fluff is particularly disliked by many people, but I was just reading his character bio in the new codex and noticed a particularly troubling quote...

"Since that day the Supreme Grand Master has wandered the tides of Immaterium, no Daemon or god strong enough to defeat him."

What "god" in the warp could not defeat Draigo? Is this quote trying to say that the Chaos Gods cannot defeat him?
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If only Draigo were around during the Heresy, he could have stopped Horus on Istvaan. In fact, Horus would never have been made warmaster with a warrior as singular as Kaldor Draigo around.

I wonder which gods they mean... I thought minor Chaos gods were retconned? I remember an old WFB Chaos book that referred to minor/lesser gods, and obviously you could have undivided daemon princes not long ago but now it seems everything I've read suggests only the big four exist
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