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Question About... *gulp* Kaldor Draigo...

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So, I know this characters fluff is particularly disliked by many people, but I was just reading his character bio in the new codex and noticed a particularly troubling quote...

"Since that day the Supreme Grand Master has wandered the tides of Immaterium, no Daemon or god strong enough to defeat him."

What "god" in the warp could not defeat Draigo? Is this quote trying to say that the Chaos Gods cannot defeat him?
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This of course is the real answer. Taking him to the warp denies him any actions of consequence in reality, and also denies him the glory of dying for the Emperor and Imperium.

But then again, how much must they loathe him to inflict this fate upon him rather than death? There's only one reason they would go to this much trouble.

They want to break him. Not to see him dead or defeated, but utterly broken and spent. They want to make HIM give up, because his surrender would be one of their greatest single victories, one that would be surpassed only by corrupting the Emperor himself.
Draigo's situation reminds me of A nice place to visit, classic twilight zone episode man goes to a place where no matter what he succeeds, wins at a casino robs banks whatever. Only to find out he's in hell.
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