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Afternoon chaps, was just reading through this section of the forum and read some comments about about glazes and washes, are these two seperate things? I always thought they were two names for the same thing but then again I've not been much of a painter until recently I was more concerned with gaming however now I'm getting the painting bug. So my question is, what's the difference between a wash and a glaze? Is a glaze something you make yourself by watering down a paint and a wash one that's already mixed? And what are the different applications for the two or do they do the same thing?
A wash and a glaze act very differently on a model. A Glaze contains much less pigment and is degined to help tint an area a certain color without leaving large amounts in recesses. A wash on the other hand is designed specifically with more pigment to darken the recesses of a mini. A wash can be used as a Glaze but a glaze is much more difficult to use as a wash without several fairly heavy applications. you can make your own glazes and washes by just watering down either regular paint (heavily watered down) or an existing wash.

The metal in this pic has been given a blue glaze over it to tint the metalblue. the bolter itself has been given a black wash to darken recesses and make the model look more "alive"
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